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General Information

Find general information about warts here. Learn what they are, what kinds there are, where they come from and what you can do about them when you have one.

Genital Wart Creams and Remedies Guide – Do They Work?
There are many treatments you can use at home for warts. Many of these over the counter wart removal products[...]
Warts from Shaving
Many people ask the question whether they can get or spread warts from shaving. The simple answer is that both[...]
What are Genital Warts?
Genital warts affect hundreds of thousands of American each year. In most cases they are only a nuisance but for[...]
Birch Bark or Willow Bark For Warts
Do Birch or Willow Bark help to get rid of warts? One of the ingredients which make birch bark (similar[...]
Does Wartrol Really Work?
This question is asked a lot of times on the internet and many people come back with many answers. Unfortunately,[...]
Types, Causes And Treatments Of Facial Warts
Warts can come in all shapes and sizes. When warts occur on the face, they are generally flat in shape.[...]
Guide To Warts On Legs
Warts are a very commonplace phenomenon. In fact, millions of individuals develop them all the time. Warts are caused by[...]
10 Amazing Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Warts
If you go to any of the forums that discuss warts on the internet, you’re likely to find a few[...]
Warts on Feet – What Are Plantar Warts?
What Are Plantar Warts? Warts are not caused by touching frogs, unlike the old wives tales suggest. The often unsightly[...]
What Should You Know About Hand Warts?
Warts on the hands will start to develop whenever the HPV virus is able to find a way to enter[...]
13 Tips to Help You to Prevent Warts
There are several tips that you can use that will help you to both prevent warts and to help keep[...]
What Are The Different Types Of Warts?
How can you be sure if the growth on your skin is a wart? What many people don't know is[...]
Properly Addressing a Wart Condition
Although clinical studies on the effectiveness of duct tape on the wart virus are still inconclusive, a recent article described[...]
All About Finger Warts
There are various kinds of warts and all these types of warts are caused by HPV virus. The HPV virus[...]
What Are HPV Warts?
The most common virus spread through sexual contact is the HPV, or human papillomavirus.  Every year, approximately 6 million new[...]
Wart Removal Options Available Over the Counter
Do Over-the-Counter Wart Removers work? Imagine waking up one morning and finding a small, skin colored bump growing on your[...]
Are Warts Contagious?
When a person has Human Papillomavirus in their body, warts can and will develop. Human papillomavirus is a virus and[...]