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Best Ways to Treat Skin Tags

Skin tags are an annoyance that pretty much everybody can get. Nobody likes them and we all want to get rid of them. And removing them should not cause any bleeding or discomfort and most importantly not leave scars behind.

There are many over the counter as well as natural remedies that you can use to treat your skin tags. Some work within days while others need a couple of weeks to remove them.

What are Skin Tags?

Skin Tags are small benign growths that usually are flesh-colored. They can grow on anyone and on any part of the body including your face and around your genitals.

Skin Tag

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If you have skin tags then rest assured that you are not alone. Up to 60% of people will end up with skin tags at least once in their life. The older we get the higher the chances that we develop them.

In most cases you will start to see a single or two skin tags in a contained area. They often occur in areas on your body where they’re covered by clothing and as such don’t cause any issues.

However, you can also get them in areas like your face where they are immediately visible. They also can continue to grow and become quite large. Often, when they are underneath clothing they can become irritated or scrape open which can lead to infection. Sometimes they can also turn to become blood-filled. In all those instances you will definitely want to treat them as soon as possible to get rid of them.

Usually, they will simply be and stay a nuisance. They always do pose the risk of getting irritated or infected and they certainly can be quite unsightly when you enjoy intimate moments and not have your skin tags covered with clothing.

It is therefore best to remove them as soon as you see them. The best thing about them is that you can get rid of them easily within a matter of days. They pose no medical risk and as such are perfect for being treated at home without the need of having expensive surgical or otherwise medical procedures.

What are the Medical Names for Skin Tags

You physician or dermatologist will usually refer to skin tags by one of their medical names. If you see any of the following names in your medical professional’s report then you know that he or she refers to skin tags:

  • Fibroepithelial Polyp
  • Acrochordon
  • Soft Fibroma
  • Cutaneous Papilloma

This terms are fancy names for the skin tags describing skin growth which are not causing any pain and are non-cancerous (benign). You can also see some people refer to them as skin tabs. Sometimes people also confuse them for warts which are a completely different growth.

What Causes Skin Tags?

There is no definitive answer for that. They are most often found in areas where skin overlaps and rubs against each other or where other items like clothing rub against the skin.

Skin tags are often found in obese people that are middle-aged or older.

Where do Skin Tags Usually Appear?

Skin tags can appear anywhere on your body. The most likely occurrences are in the following areas:

  • Armpits
  • Neck
  • Eye area
  • Face
  • Groin area and genitals (testicles, penis and vagina)
  • Anal area
  • Breasts
  • Belly button

These are the most common areas to find skin tags but they can develop anywhere on your body.

What are the Best Methods to Treat Skin Tags at Home?

There are numerous removal products available to get rid of skin tags. Some treatments have to be performed by your doctor and will usually be quite expensive. There are however many reliable and safe options you can perform at home to get rid of your skin tags for a low cost.

We checked out many of these over the counter skin tag removal products and list our top 3 below. They are all easy to come by and safe.

The best skin tag methods are:

  1. TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device
  2. Tea Tree Oil
  3. Wart Mole Vanish Kit

All three of these methods have a proven history and they have successfully worked for many people. As with any medical treatment, there is a chance that a specific remedy will not work for you.

The reasons for that can be many. You might not follow the directions to the dot or you might react to any of the ingredients in an ointment causing skin irritation or discomfort. If anything unusual like that happens then stop the treatment and consult your physician or dermatologist. Please be aware though that this would be very unusual to have reactions like this. The typical treatment results in your skin tags being safely gone with no other side effects.

In the following you will find information on each of these three OTC skin tag treatments. Each of these cures is readily available without any prescription and is much lower in price than treatments performed by your dermatologist or physician.

Each of these three DIY skin tag removal kits has a long list of reviews of people that successfully used them. We included information for you on how they work, pros and cons and how long you can expect to having to use them. This should allow you to make an informed decision on the best skin tag treatment that matches your preferences. Each of these remedies has a proven track record to treat skin tags.

1 - TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device

One of the safest and most common methods to get rid of skin tags is to tie them off. You can use a piece of string or dental floss and wrap it around the base of the skin tag. It stops the blood flow into the tag and eventually it dies and falls off.

This method works reliably, without discomfort or pain but it’s often not that easy to get the string around the base of the skin tag. Specifically, if the tag is in a location where you can’t see that well and reach well with both hands.

TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit

TagBand Skin Tag Remover Kit

TagBand is a highly effective solution for skin tags. It uses no chemicals or natural ingredients and as such is usable anywhere on your body and even without risk when you are pregnant!

The TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device makes it convenient and simple to wrap a tie around the base of the tag. The Kit comes in two sizes. The Micro TagBand is used for small tags and the regular size works effectively on medium and large skin tags.

This device makes it easy to tie off a skin tag no matter its size. You can expect the skin tag to be removed once and for all within about a week.

How to use the TagBand?

TagBand is very simple to use. You put a special band onto the device. The TagBand applicator has a cone shaped piece that you place over the skin tag.

Once you positioned it correctly over the skin tag you push the band off of the outside of the cone. It will wrap around the stalk of the skin tag. This will cut the skin tag off from both oxygen and blood and it will die off within a few days.

The TagBand works in the same fashion as tying the skin tag off with a piece of string or dental floss. However, it makes it so much easier to do. You can reach nearly any place on your body to apply it while you do require two hands and good visibility if you did the same procedure with string.

TagBand has thousands of positive reviews. All those positive reviews state that the skin tags were gone within a few days. There are also negative reviews to be found. These usually are related to skin tags being too small for even the Micro TagBand.

There have also been issues reported by some people that the tags don’t stay on in high friction areas like under the armpits. A good rule of thumb would be that if you can cover your skin tag with a band aid and it stays on then you should have no problem keeping a band on the skin tag due to movement.

How does TagBand work?

The skin tag gets supplied with blood and oxygen through the small stalk that connects it to your body. The band that is placed around the stem of the skin tag cuts off all flow of oxygen and blood from the skin tag.

With no blood and oxygen supplied, the skin tag will die usually within a few days. It will turn black after a few days and eventually fall off.

It’s best to cover the skin tag with a band aid during the process. This protects the tag and makes sure that the band won’t move or come off. Most important though is that it keeps the dead skin tag contained. Otherwise, you might wake up one morning and have to search for a piece of dead skin in your bed.


TagBand can be used for skin tags on any part of your body. You do not want to use harsh chemicals in your face and especially around your eyes. It is safe to use TagBand in those areas as it does not use any chemicals.

If you have super-tiny skin tags you might prefer one of the other suggested treatments below. Even the Micro TagBand doesn’t work well on really small skin tags with less than 2 mm diameter. For such small tags you can either use a string and tie them off or use one of the remedies listed below.

We like this product a lot. Not only does it work reliably but it does so without the use of chemicals or otherwise acidic solutions. It’s as such completely natural and it works reliable and without causing any discomfort. In our opinion this is the best skin tag removal solution you can find. And for repeated use on different skin tags you can even get refills for the bands.

2 - Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is somewhat the Swiss Army Knife when it comes to remedies for skin issues. You can use it for warts as well as skin tags and many other issues related to your skin.

Treating your skin tags with Tea Tree Oil is 100% natural. It’s a safe method to get rid of Acrochordon that works without pain and takes care of the condition quickly. Best of all, you can get it at a very affordable price.

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags

Tea Tree Oil to remove skin tags

Tea Tree Oil is an effective natural remedy to get rid of your skin tags. It has been used for centuries to treat a variety of skin conditions and has long been used specifically for skin tags!

Tea tree oil has anti-viral and antibacterial properties. It is used to treat many skin related issues and has proven its potency over many years. There are though a few people that are allergic to tea tree oil so you want to make sure that you’re not one of them.

How to use Tea Tree Oil

There’s no hassle to using it to get rid of your skin tags. Simply soak a cotton ball or swab with tea tree oil and then apply it a few times per day. To make sure that there’s no disturbance you might want to cover the treated area with a band aid.

The treatment will take a few weeks during which you can see the skin tag first get dry and then change color to usually a dark brown or black shade. That indicates that it is dying. Eventually, the skin tag will simply fall off. It’s a good idea to keep it covered with a band aid to not have to have to search for the piece of dead skin in your bed if it falls off over night!


It’s not the fastest option to get rid of your skin tags. However, it is a safe and gentle way to remove them. If you have sensitive skin then this is a great option as it’s overall a very gentle approach.

You can use tea tree oil on any skin tag in any location on your body. It’s even safe to use in the genital areas as well as the face. You should be careful or avoid using it around your eyes which is true for any treatment you choose! Using tea tree oil on your skin tags will remove them without pain or scars left behind.

You will find a lot of success stories online while there’s barely any negative feedback. It is a natural and homeopathic treatment to get rid of your skin tags. If you make sure to use it as suggested and have the patience to wait for your skin tags to die off then it’s one of the remedies you can find!

3 - Wart Mole Vanish Skin Tag Removal Kit

This is probably the fastest method you can find to cure you from a skin tag. It also works on warts, including genital warts, and syringomas. All you need to do is to apply it once to the affected area. There’s no need for repeat application which means you also can’t forget to put it on during a busy day.

Wart Mole Vanish Skin Tag Removal Kit

Wart Mole Vanish Kit for skin tags

Wart & Mole Vanish Kit works exceptionally well to remove skin tags. A single application is all that is needed to reliably get rid of the tags

The product comes as a kit which contains the cream and an applicator. Before treating your skin tag you want to clean the area with alcohol to sterilize the skin. Then you simply apply the cream directly onto the skin tag by using the provided applicator. It will start working within 20 minutes!

How to use the Wart Mole Vanish Skin Tag Removal Kit

The kit contains a special file that works like an emery board. You rough the area of the skin tag with this device which will allow the remedy to penetrate quickly and deeply!

Next you apply the cream with the applicator. It’ll get deep into the skin tag and start working immediately. You will experience some mild stinging but it’s overall not a huge deal. In sensitive areas it unfortunately might be somewhat uncomfortable for a little while. However, this means that the solution is working which is the most important thing!

You can use this treatment option anywhere on your body, even around the eyes. After the application the skin tag will develop a scab. It will eventually change in color and fall off.

It does typically take somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks after the treatment for the skin tag to fall off. There are no scars left behind but you might want to use some skin moisturizer to help the skin heal after the tag has come off.


It’s the easiest to use treatment option to get rid of your skin tags. It works fast and reliable but it can end up with some slight discomfort.

There’s a lot of positive feedback and testimonials from people that successfully used the Wart Mole Vanish Skin Tag Removal Kit to treat the condition. If you lead a busy life and don’t want to risk that you might forget to repeatedly apply a remedy then this is a great solution.

What other Treatment Options for Skin Tags Exist?

There are many other ways to deal with your skin tags besides the three easy to use applications we suggested above. Some have to be performed by your dermatologist or physician which usually results in a hefty bill for you.

Here’s a list of other treatments you can check out:

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid)

Using TCA is safe and effective. It’s a chemical peel agent that will get rid of your skin tags quickly. It is an acidic solution which will peel the skin tag off layer by layer.

Trichloroacetic acid is used for many skin issues ranging from warts and moles to skin tags. It is often used by dermatologists but you can get it over the counter for treatment at home.

You need to apply the solution onto your skin tag several times a day for a couple of weeks. The skin tag will change in color and eventually fall off. The treatment usually is painless and won’t leave scars behind.

You can find TCA in a variety of strengths. The higher the concentration, the faster it’ll work. However, high concentrations also can result in some discomfort and end up being not very gentle on your skin!

Essential oils

Applying essential oils is a widespread alternative when it comes to treating skin tags. There are a number of EO’s that work.

The advantages are that they usually work very gentle and won’t result in any sort of skin damage. The main disadvantage is that it can take quite a while for them to work.

Some of the potential essential oils to use on skin tags are castor oil, oregano oil and frankincense oil. The most successful and widespread EO to use for skin tags is tea tree oil which we covered above.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is acidic. Applying it to a skin tag will break down the cells. They will shrink and eventually the skin tag will die and fall off.

It’s easy to apply as you simply soak a cotton ball or cotton swab in ACV and rub it on the skin tag. The acidity will immediately start to work. It is best to simply let the ACV dry on the skin.

You will need to repeat the treatment several times a day and you should see results within a few days. The acrochordon will shrivel and eventually fall off. The method is usually free of pain and scarring.

Homeopathic Remedies

You can find a number of homeopathic remedies. These holistically approach the problem of having skin tags by trying to address underlying imbalances in your body.

Based on these holistic approaches, any sort of issue like skin tags are formed based on an imbalance in your body. People that believe in this approach often see success while people not believing in this theory often see no results at all.

Use dental floss or a string to tie them off

The use of dental floss or a string is the similar to what the TagBand does. The difference is that you have to tie the string or floss around the stem of the skin tag yourself.

This often sounds easier than it is depending on the location of the skin tag. You will need both hands to tie the string and that can sometimes end up being tricky to do. You might require somebody else to help you with this. Depending on the location of the skin tag, this can be embarrassing and you simply want to use the TagBand kit as you can perform the application yourself without a problem.

The method works by simply cutting the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin tag through the stem. Without these two components the skin tag will die. You can also read about this treatment option as ligation.

You might have to reapply the string or tighten it regularly to ensure that the skin tag stays cut off from any blood or oxygen! This method usually works within a few days. The skin tag will turn black and eventually fall off. There’s no pain involved and you will typically not have any scarring.

Have them surgically removed or cut them off yourself

Your dermatologist might suggest to have the skin tag cut off which is a treatment option that you also have for yourself. You can either use a scalpel or scissors to cut a skin tag off.

However, there are quite a few disadvantages to this treatment option. First, it’s painful. You can’t simply cut a piece of skin off without pain.

Second, it’ll make a mess. Cutting the skin tag off will result in bleeding. If it’s a big skin tag then it might actually bleed quite a bit.

Third, there is a chance that there are scars left behind. If you don’t want to take that risk then don’t perform this kind of surgery on yourself.

Lastly, you create an open wound on your body. This can cause infections which then will have to be treated by your physician. This will cost you money and take time.

Just to be clear, we do not recommend this approach! You’ll get rid of your skin tag instantly but the side effects can end up being quite serious!

Freeze them off

There are a number of OTC freeze off kits for skin tags available. These are often the same kits that you can get for warts.

They work by using liquid nitrogen (or another freezing chemical) to freeze the skin tag and to build a blister underneath it. This will stop the flow of oxygen and blood and eventually kill the skin tag.

This treatment option is widely used and readily available. If applied as directed you will not have any issues with pain or scars.

It will usually take a few applications before you see the color of the skin tag change. It will then die and fall off within a few days.

Cauterize them (burn them off)

Your physician or dermatologist might suggest to burn your skin tags off. They cauterize them by using an electric knife.

This approach cannot be taken at home and there’s a good chance of some discomfort during the procedure as well as afterwards. It does work instantly but you will have to perform some aftercare to prevent infections and scarring. You will also have to assume that it will cost you quite a bit of money to have skin tags removed with this approach!

Other OTC remedies

There are various other OTC treatments that you can get online or at the pharmacy. These typically all work and will get rid of your skin tags.

The main differences will be how fast they work, whether they cause discomfort and how easy they are to apply. Some will even use FDA approved ingredients. An example of this is the Revitol skin tag remover.

Laser removal

Your dermatologist might suggest to remove the skin tags with a laser. The laser will basically burn the skintag off of your skin.

The treatment is usually causing a small amount of discomfort and bleeding. It just takes minutes to perform but you have to assume that you will end up paying a substantial amount (upwards of a few hundred dollars) to get a skin tag treated.

You also will be required to perform some after treatment care. There’s an open wound in your body and you have to make sure that there’s no infection and scarring.

Where to buy OTC Skin Tag Removers?

​Many skin tag removal products can be purchased at your local pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS. You can also often find some of the less potent treatments at Walmart or Target.

However, most of these stores will not have the most potent skin tag remover, the TagBand system.​ Your best bet to get this outstanding skin tag treatment is on Amazon. You will usually find the lowest prices there.

Can you pull or rip them off?

Looking at a skin tag you would think that you probably could simply pull them off. The stalk on most is very thin and looks somewhat fragile.

However, this solution, free as it may be, doesn’t work. If you try it you will soon find out that skin is not easily ripped and as such all you will do is irritate the skin tag and possibly get and infection.

If you were able to pull them off then you most likely would rip a lot more skin off than needed which would lead to heavy bleeding, a lot of pain and most certainly an unsightly scar. Use any of the methods described here instead and you safe yourself from all those issues!

What to do after the Skin Tag is removed

Taking care of the treatment area after your skin tag is removed is important to ensure that your skin stays healthy and there are no scars forming. Depending on the treatment your aftercare is more or less involved.

Any approach that involved cutting or that resulted in an open wound will require more aftercare than a method that gently killed the skin tag to the point that it fell off naturally. If you have your skin tag removed by a dermatologist then you will get aftercare instructions that you should follow to the dot to ensure that you will not end up with scars.

What are the Causes and how to prevent them?

It is not clear what causes them. It is known that skin tags occur most often in places where skin rubs against each other. Often skin tags are found in middle-aged and older people as well as in overweight and obese people.

Another group of people that have higher incidents of developing skin tags are pregnant women. Be aware that these skin tags will typically not go away by themselves after delivery.

Skin tags are benign. However, you want to have your physician evaluate them to make sure they are skin tags. You also want to watch out for any change in color or shape before the treatment. Changing color during treatment to black or shriveling up during treatment are normal and are no reason for concern.

Treatment with natural remedies does typically not pose any risks during pregnancy. If you want to be certain then you should either use TagBand or tie them off with a string or floss.

If your skin tag is in an area where it gets irritated then you might want to consider having them removed by your dermatologist. This results in the skin tag being gone instantly without a risk of infection due to irritation.

Skin tags will often come back in the same location but they are not the same skin tags. It’s not like warts where the underlying condition is still in your body. Skin tags simply grow again and you will have to treat them again. As they are benign they do not cause any health risk.

If you developed skin tags due to being pregnant then you should not experience any more growths after delivery. You can also avoid skin tags if you are obese and lose weight. These are general rules of thumb and will not work for everyone!

Keeping your skin tight and without folds while also ensuring that areas where clothes rub against the skin or skin rubs against each other is minimized will reduce in lower chances of them coming back!

Living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your skin will greatly reduce the risk of skin tags from coming back. However, there’s no guarantee that skin tags will not come back after you treated them. The best you can do is reduce the risk of them developing again and again.

Using a treatment like TagBand will ensure that you end up with the best way to get rid of skin tags. It’s affordable and works very well.

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