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Do Skin Tags Go Away by Themselves After Pregnancy?

It is so far unknown what exactly is causing skin tags. However, there are a few hints that provide us with some idea where they come from. First, there’s friction. Areas of your skin that regularly rub against each other are more prone to develop them.

Second, there are indications that changes to your hormonal household can foster the growth of skin tags. One of the most joyous times of a woman is her pregnancy. Yet, it’s also during that time that your hormone levels change dramatically and as a result many women experience the growth of skin tags during pregnancy. You might rightfully wonder though whether they will vanish after giving birth when the hormone levels return to their normal stages.

Showing a pregnant woman indicating that she'll have skin tags and wonders whether they go away after pregnancy by themselves.

And as you might expect or fear, the answer is: sometimes. The changes in hormone levels vary from person to person as do other important factors like weight gain and loss, etc. for many women they do disappear after child birth while others need to use available treatments to get rid of them.

Many women experience skin tags the first time in their lives during pregnancy. If you’re uncertain what they are then have your dermatologist identify them. If you opt for invasive or chemical based procedures to remove skin tags then it might be advisable to wait until your pregnancy is over. It’s best to discuss this with your doctor!

Skin tags are benign growths and as such do usually not pose any health risk to your or your unborn child. Depending on the location they can unfortunately get irritated and infected and at that time you have no choice than to remove them.

In most cases delaying any treatment until after your child birth is not posing a risk and you might simply feel more comfortable to do it at that time. Especially, as there is a chance that they might go away by themselves after your pregnancy is over.

Identify Skin Tags when You’re Pregnant

A large number of women experience skin tags for the first time when they are pregnant. You might be one of them. At that time you want to be sure that you deal with skin tags and not any other kind of growth that might not be as harmless.

Your body goes through huge changes during pregnancy. The visible ones include stretch marks, spider veins and also skin tags. Some women get all those physical changes and more while others get none at all. If you’re one of the not-so-lucky ones that suffer from one or more of those physical changes then make sure to have your doctor identify what they are.

While skin tags are benign, your growths could be something different. And as such you want to have them clearly identified before deciding about any sort of treatment.

You might however in many cases be able to identify them yourself. If you see a small growth sticking out of your skin that is skin colored or a little darker then you might be looking at a skin tag. If it also is shaped like a balloon that connects to your skin through a think stalk then chances are that you indeed are looking at one.

Most of them stay fairly small and reach sizes equivalent to a pinhead. In rare cases they can grow to the size of a grape though!

Why do they show up during pregnancy?

The exact cause of them is unknown. Yet, a lot of research has linked them to friction of the skin. Some other thoughts are that they are at least somewhat influenced by changes to your hormone levels.

Both of these conditions are there when you are pregnant. Your body changes and you have skin rubbing against each other in places where you did not have any friction before you were pregnant.

In addition, your hormone levels go through a constant change. Both these conditions seem to be a perfect environment for skin tags to grow.

Most women experience skin tags during the second trimester of their pregnancy. In most cases they develop in areas that are not that obvious during a pregnancy. This causes quite a few women to not even realize that they have them until after child birth. These locations include the groin area and underneath the breasts. Additionally, they can often be found on the neck or the abdominal area.

It’s frustrating, yet very common for many women to experience skin tags the first time in their lives when they are pregnant. If you have experienced them before, then you unfortunately might see an even larger number of them during your pregnancy. Existing skin tags also tend to grow larger during that period.

Do they have to be Removed?

The short answer is that you typically do not have to remove them while you still have the baby in your belly. That is, if they don’t bother you and as long as they do not get irritated and infected.

Even in those cases there’s usually no risk at all for the baby but you might want to get the irritation out of your life. Otherwise, if they are in locations where they bother you then by all means get rid of them. In that case you are looking at cosmetic reasons to treat them and not out of medical necessity.

However, if you have skin tags and you don’t treat them then there’s a chance that you have them for the rest of your life. When your skin tags develop while you’re pregnant then you have a chance that they actually might go away by themselves.

The majority of pregnant women will have the skin tags that developed during their time of pregnancy also after they gave birth. There are cases though where those skin tags vanish by themselves. Your chances of that happening are better if you never had skin tags before being pregnant.

If they stay with you then you thankfully have a number of choices to treat them. These treatments are usually all easy to apply and safe to use.

Treat your Skin Tags during Pregnancy or Afterwards?

Depending on the method, it is perfectly safe to treat them during pregnancy. However, you’ll always be safer to perform any medical treatment after you gave birth!

Your doctor will usually recommend that you delay any treatment until after childbirth. There are a few treatments that you definitely want to avoid while you’re pregnant. It’s obvious that you do not want to perform any invasive medical procedure while you still have the baby in you.

Treatments like cryogenics, cauterization or cutting off a skin tag through a tiny surgery are best performed after you gave birth. You most likely will not experience any issues even if you have such treatments but you better want to be on the safe side.

Besides these invasive methods, there are a number of natural or non-surgical procedures that effectively get rid of skin tags with no risk for your baby. Pretty much all of these are available over the counter and you can apply them yourself in the privacy of your home. However, you want to avoid solutions that contain a large mix of ingredients in order to avoid exposing yourself to too many chemicals.

Suffocate the Skin Tag

There are a number of remedies you can use safely during pregnancy. First, and foremost you can suffocate your skin tags with the help of a string or by using the TagBand skin tag remover. This method requires no natural or artificial compound at all. The skin tag is cut off from the blood supply by placing a band around the stalk. This prevents the blood and nutrients to get to the tag and effectively kills it in a few days.

TagBand Skin Tag Remover Kit

As you’re not using any chemical compound there’s also no risk at all for you or the baby. It’s the overall preferred method to get rid of skin tags whether you’re pregnant or not.

Tea Tree Oil

Another very effective method is to apply tea tree oil onto the tag. Many OTC remedies contain this ingredient along with other substances. While you’re pregnant it’s best to use it in its pure form instead of using a mix of compounds.

Tea Tree Oil to remove skin tags

Tea tree oil is very potent and is used for a large number of skin related issues including warts, moles and skin tags. It has many very beneficial effects on the skin. There are some potential side effects that you might consider when you apply it while you are pregnant.

As it is such a potent remedy you have to dilute it in order to be safe. Otherwise it might be too strong of a compound to be used on sensitive areas of your body like under your breasts or in the groin. It is easy to mix with a carrier oil to reduce the potency for these sensitive skin areas.

Over the Counter Skin Tag Removers

Many OTC treatments use a number of different ingredients to cure your skin tags. None of those should pose any danger to your unborn child but not all might be fully researched when it comes to usage during pregnancy.

Therefore, it makes the most sense to either not use any OTC removers during your pregnancy or to discuss them further with your doctor. He or she will be able to give you their thoughts on whether it is safe to use a specific OTC remedy on skin tags during pregnancy or not.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

You can find a never-ending list of these kinds of skin tag removers. They range from apple cider vinegar (ACV) to lemon juice and garlic and many others.

These should technically all be safe. However, your skin might react adversely to their use. That can even happen if you used them before you were pregnant without any problem. Your hormones change and you might react to any of those during pregnancy.

What you should never do

The one thing you should never do yourself to a skin tag is to pull it off or pick at it. That rule holds true whether you are pregnant or not. You’re nearly guaranteed to not be able to remove the skin tag as you most likely won’t get the stalk completely off your skin. If you do, then you run the risk of having a scar being left behind!

Most likely the only thing you achieve is that the skin tag is irritated or even gets infected. At that time you will have to most likely go to your doctor to have it treated. No skin tag is worth that hassle and pain.

When to Visit a Doctor?

Skin tags are harmless and as such usually do not require a doctor visit at all. In the case of having skin tags during pregnancy you might still want to wait until delivery before treating them at all.

There are a few reasons though where you want to consult your doctor. We already mentioned above that you will have to visit your doctor if the skin tag is irritated or infected. These conditions can happen if you accidentally pull on them or if they get scratched.

You also want to check them regularly to see whether they change size or color. That could be an indication that you have some other condition that you do want to have checked out.

If the tags start to bleed then you might have an infection and want this checked out also. Skin tags usually do not bleed at all.

To be safe you do want to watch for these conditions at any time and immediately see your medical professional if you experience any changes to your skin tags.

What Should I do if the Skin Tags Don’t Disappear After Birth?

You can and will experience many skin changes and issues during your pregnancy. There are usually solutions for any of these conditions including skin tags. While you can wait for some of these conditions until after you deliver, others might be better treated immediately.

Skin tags are usually not necessary to be treated while you’re pregnant. There is also a chance that the tags go away by themselves.

You will most likely not see them disappear after birth though. At that moment you have to treat them with any of the best OTC removers you can get.

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