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Best Methods to Get Rid of Wart Scars

How to Treat Genital and Plantar Wart Scars

If you’re suffering from warts and all you want is to get rid of them, then your last thought is that sometimes small and unsightly scars can be left after the wart is gone. Having a tiny scar after the wart is gone is not happening too often but is also not uncommon.

In any case, should you end up with such a scar then thankfully it’s something that can be treated. First of all, the scars are very small. It’s not like you’d have to fear that you replace your wart with a scar that is like a flashing neon sign in a store door. The scars, if you get any at all, are tiny and usually barely visible.

Which Wart Treatments are more likely to cause Scars?

Technically, any wart removal procedure and treatment could leave a scar behind. However, most home remedies, when used as directed, will not create scar tissue.

If you for example use Wartrol as directed, you should not end up with a scar. However, if you decide to cut your wart off and out or to shave it off with a razor blade then there’s a good chance that a scar is left behind.

Medical procedures like electro surgery or curettage are also having a chance of leaving a scar. It is rare to end up with one if you decide to remove your wart through cryotherapy.

Will Scars from Genital or Plantar Wart Treatment Go Away by Themselves?

There’s no generic answer to be given whether genital or plantar wart scars will go away by themselves. It very much depends on the level of damage caused to the skin through the removal. The more severe that damage is, the less likely it is that the scar tissue goes away by itself.

If the severity of the skin damage is not too bad then you can expect the wart tissue to eventually go away and healthy skin without blemishes to come back. If the skin has been damaged a lot through the removal procedure then the scar tissue will unfortunately be permanent if you’re not treating it.

It thankfully is pretty easy to get rid of these scars. Similar to wart treatments, there are also several possible treatments to get rid of the scars. Depending on factors like size and depth, there are a number of methods you can use.

Surgical Removal

There are a few different approaches to removing wart scars surgically as also outlined here. When you discuss your scars with your dermatologist then he or she will usually suggest any of these following possible procedures.

Scar Revision

This procedure reduces the size of the scar. It usually doesn’t remove it but makes it small enough to blend in with the surrounding skin.

During the surgery the scar tissue is cut off and the wound is reconnected. There is always some scar tissue left but the goal is to reduce the size to a point that the scar is practically not visible anymore.

Skin Grafting

During this procedure a small area of health skin is removed from another area of the body. That skin piece is then inserted instead of the scar tissue. If done correctly the scar will be gone and the skin will look natural again.


A special wire brush is used to remove the top layers of the skin. This helps to soften the skin and removes small irregularities like smaller scars.

Skin Flap Surgery

This is the surgical method deployed for larger scars. The scar tissue is replaced with a piece of skin taken from another part of the body. Compared to skin grafting it’s not just the top layer but instead the full depth of skin with nerves, fat tissue, etc. This piece of skin is used to replace the damaged skin with the scar.

How Much is Scar Removal Surgery?

Any surgery is expensive and scar removal is not different in any way. The cost will depend on the size of the scar that needs to be removed as well as the location on your body.

You will have to take into consideration that your health insurance might in many cases not pay for this kind of surgery. Pricing itself will depending on size, location and geography start at somewhere in the low thousand US Dollars. It can go up from this baseline to many thousands if it’s a large scar and also depending on what treatment is chosen.

Chemical Peel with Trichloroacetic Acid

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is a widely used acid in dermatology. It is used as a peeling agent and to treat other skin conditions like warts, acne, skin tags or moles.

Being an acid, you want to make sure you know how to use it as it can leave scars behind if not used properly. It basically corrodes the skin where applied.

TCA 80% Wart Removal Solution

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Using TCA on a scar dissolves the scar tissue and leaves you with healthy skin. However, if used the wrong way it can penetrate too deep and too wide and cause more scarring! It is essential to have the TCA be handled and applied by trained professionals.

TCA application is usually not painful yet it does leave you with a burning sensation. If your pain threshold is very low then this treatment can be rather uncomfortable.

You also only want to use TCA in areas where the skin is somewhat less sensitive. It is an acid and can damage skin easily and as such you do not want to apply it in genital areas, around mucous membranes or the eyes without consulting with a dermatologist!

TCA is available in various concentrations as an over-the-counter remedy. If you choose to apply it yourself then start out with a lower concentration and increase the concentration if you don’t see success.

You will find both positive and negative testimonials for removing scars with TCA. The negative experiences usually evolve around it not being effective for scar removal. This is true if the scar is deep as TCA in lower concentrations will not be able to penetrate deep enough to dissolve the scar.

TCA Side Effects

Trichloroacetic acid is highly irritating and corrosive when it gets in touch with body tissue. When applied in high concentrations it can burn your skin and leave burn scars behind.

It should therefore only be applied by trained professionals like a dermatologist. If you apply it yourself and you are not aware of how to use it correctly and/or use a wrong concentration you can potentially damage your skin permanently!

Where can you buy TCA?

Tricholoroacetic acid is available for purchase online. Against the recommendations of medical experts, many people do apply it themselves on skin blemishes like skin tags, warts and scars.

You can find TCA in various concentrations at Amazon.com where you usually also end up with the lowest prices. Be careful to read the instructions before applying it yourself!

Over the Counter Scar Removal Cream

If you want to treat your wart scars yourself then using an OTC scar removal cream is the safest option available. These products are specifically formulated to remove scars effectively while being safe to use at home.

These scar removers are specifically formulated to be used at home so there’s no risk of burning your skin with TCA, etc. They are also rather affordable so you can save yourself a lot of money compared to getting your scars surgically removed.

You can find various products available for purchase online or in your local drug store. The most recommended scar removal product is the Mederma Advanced Scar gel.

Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

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Mederma uses Allantoin as its active ingredient. It is a commonly used compound in many skin-health products like acne creams, sun care products, etc. It helps to heal small wounds and promotes the growth of healthy skin.

Aside from this, Mederma also uses a variety of inactive ingredients that are formulated to keep your skin healthy.

Another scar remover that is often seen and used is Skinception’s Dermefface scar reduction and removal therapy. It is a highly effective treatment to reduce scars and get rid of them.

Skinception Dermefface Scar Reduction and Removal Therapy

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It also uses Allantoin as an active ingredient. It does have a whole list of other active and inactive ingredients which makes it a potent remedy to remove or reduce your scars.

It overall combines seven active ingredients with five moisturizers and 10 antioxidants to provide you with a strong, yet safe, scar treatment therapy at home. The ingredients are specifically formulated to work together to reduce the appearance of your scars and stimulate the growth of healthy skin.


If you have treated your warts (or other skin blemishes) and the treatment left small scars behind then you have a variety of options to treat those scars effectively. These range from invasive procedures like surgery to treatments that you can perform at home.

In most cases you can expect similar results. The differences come down to cost and speed of treatment. A surgery will certainly deliver the quickest results but will by far also be the most expensive option. Many or most health insurances will not cover the cost of this treatment so you most likely will end up footing the bill yourself!

Using chemical peels like TCA requires a professional to apply the treatment. This does increase the cost but also makes sure that your skin and health is kept safe.

The potentially slowest, yet most convenient, affordable and safest remedy is to use a proven over-the-counter scar remover like Mederma or Dermefface. These work effectively but you will need some patience to see results. If you can afford the time then these scar removal therapies will be the ones with the lowest cost.

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