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Best Methods to Treat Small Skin Tags During Pregnancy

While being pregnant your body goes through constant changes. Even your skin can and will be affected due to the hormonal changes in your body.

Some of your friends that might have gone through pregnancy and childbirth will have probably suffered from stretch mark or even spider veins. But these are not the only issues you might encounter. Many women develop small skin tags while they’re pregnant.

Your body changes during pregnancy and this often causes skin tags where you had none before. There’s no particular location where you might get them but if you get them at all then they usually are of small growth.

Pregnant Woman

You can identify a skin tag easily. They are usually skin colored and attach to your body by a small stalk. This stalk supports the tag itself with blood and nutrients from your body.

Sometimes the skin tag itself is a few shades darker than your skin. If you see a tag that turns black then that usually means that it’s dying and will fall off soon.

The good news about them is that they are usually benign and harmless. The second good news is that there are many ways to get rid of them yourself.

How to Treat Small Skin Tags During Pregnancy

You want to avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin while you are pregnant. This rules out a few of the readily available skin tag removers that you can get at most pharmacies.

Your doctor might also advise you to delay any treatment of skin tags until your baby is born. This makes sense if he advises for any invasive procedures that can seriously affect your body and with that have a minimal change to impact your pregnancy.

Having this removal performed by your dermatologist does quickly become a financial burden. Most insurances will not cover the removal as it’s seen as cosmetic. The growths are harmless and as such not a risk to your or your baby’s health.

The best option at that moment is that you treat them yourself. There are many over the counter medications and remedies to get rid of skin tags. As already mentioned, you want to stay away from harsh chemicals which leaves you with mechanical treatments, essential oil cures or herbal remedies.

If you choose to treat your small skin tags during pregnancy then the safest method is to use the TagBand tool. It will wrap a band around the stem of the skin tag and practically suffocate it. The advantage is that you won’t use any natural or unnatural chemicals and there’s no imaginable impact to the fetus.

TagBand Skin Tag Remover Kit

The second choice would be an essential oil like Tea Tree Oil. These EO’s are usually safe to use during pregnancy and will get rid of your growths quickly and reliably.

Tea Tree Oil to remove skin tags

Lastly you can use herbal remedies like the Wart Mole Vanish Skin Tag Removal Kit. It’s a convenient treatment option as you only need to apply it once.

Wart Mole Vanish Kit for skin tags

Where do they appear during Pregnancy?

There are no predetermined locations of those growths appearing during a pregnancy. Most often they are found on the face or neck. Other women reported them to form under their arms or breasts and in the genital areas.

Even if you never had them before, there’s an increased chance of them to appear while you are pregnant. They often do show up in the later stages of a pregnancy and they tend to come in numbers.

Do Skin Tags Go Away by Themselves After Pregnancy?

There are instances where these growths indeed go away by themselves after the baby is delivered. Well, don’t expect that to happen instantly and overnight but you could be one of the lucky ones where they disappear after a few weeks or months.

However, for most pregnant women this is not the case. The skin tags are there to stay until you do something about them. But if you are pregnant then you certainly can choose not to treat them and wait what will happen until after you gave birth.

Many women do not want to wait. They make them not feel attractive and good and as such a safe method to remove them is required. In some cases it can even bee that they tag is in a location where it gets irritated and infected and latest then it’s definitely time to remove them.

Best Method to Treat Skin Tags During Pregnancy

As pointed out above, you do want a treatment that prevents any harm from your unborn child. It is therefore best to use a method that allows your body to take care of the skin tag by cutting off the blood and nutrition supply.

This can easily be done by tightly wrapping a string around the stalk of the tag. This sometimes is hard if not impossible to do by yourself as you most likely need both hands.

A more convenient alternative that works off the same principle is to use the TagBand remover. It’s a mechanical device that wraps a band around the stem which then suffocates the tag. It’s the least invasive method you can use to get rid of the growths.

In any case you want to discuss your growths with your doctor. Lay out your plan on how to treat them and have him or her be aware of that. Most doctors are not keen on dealing with skin tags or warts or anything themselves. They will tell you if they think that you should try a specific cure that you haven’t thought off but most will gladly support you using a method like the TagBand to treat yourself.

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