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Cure Warts with Vitamins

Which Vitamins should you take to Get Rid of Warts?

Vitamins have always played an important role when it comes to curing warts. They have shown to be effective when it comes to support your body to fight off the virus based growths.

Whether you suffer from plantar, common or genital warts, they are all caused by a single virus, the human papillomavirus (HPV). Yet, the good news is that no matter which kind of these warts you have, you can use different vitamins to help get rid of the virus and heal the area of the wart.

Our body is usually provided with the essential vitamins through the food we eat. Unfortunately, a lot of the foods we take in today are not as nutritious as what our ancestors ate. This causes vitamin deficiencies in our body which often lowers the effectiveness of our immune system.

Regulating our vitamins in our body will also allow our immune system to take care of the virus that caused the warts. You can always use vitamin supplements to supply your body with the missing vitamins. However, not all are important when it comes to curing warts.

What’s the Role of Vitamins with Regards to Warts?

Vitamins are important to keep our body healthy and to support the immune system in fighting off bacteria and viruses. They are rich in antioxidants which support the immune system.

You either fill your vitamin needs through food or through supplements. Many of today’s foods are not that rich in vitamins so more and more people use vitamin supplements. Vitamin rich foods are usually fruits and vegetables which we often don’t consume enough.

Which are the Best Vitamins to Cure Warts?

Not all vitamins help to improve the immune system. Below is a list of the important vitamins that you need in order to help to get rid of your warts.

Vitamin C

You must have heard that you should take an extra-dose of Vitamin C when you suffer from the cold. The reason is that it has strong antiviral properties.

Vitamin C Supplement in Gelcaps

Taking an extra 4,000 to 10,000 mg daily divided up in several doses can increase your immune system to fight off viruses. Warts come from viruses so it makes sense to use Vitamin C to help get rid of that virus in your body.

Vitamin A

Many people know of the positive effects of Vitamin A for healthy skin. It’s no wonder that it works well to help cure warts when taken in higher dosages. Unfortunately, overdosing can cause a toxic reaction so you never want to use high doses without supervision of your doctor!

Vitamin A Drops to use topically

A common practice is to supplement Vitamin A with mixed carotenoids at a dosage of 100,000 IU’s per day for one month. Then reduce to 50,000 IU daily in the second month and 25,000 daily in the third month. That usually gets rid of the warts but you need to consult with your doctor before taking such high doses.

Please also be aware that you should never take such high doses when you’re pregnant. Alternatively, you can get gelcaps or a liquid version of Vitamin A and use the gel as a topical treatment on your warts. They will vanish over time!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E’s properties support and promote the repair of damaged tissue and help the healing process. In addition it does improve circulation. This in turn allows your body to transport antiviral nutrients to the wart infected area.

Vitamin E Oil for topical use

It is most effectively used on warts if applied topically on the growth itself. Simply get Vitamin E supplements in liquid or gel forms and then apply 200 IU daily onto the wart.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is known to work effectively to remove warts. However, to work best, it has to be injected so you can’t perform this at home.

Vitamin D Liquid for topical use

Many dermatologists and cosmetics experts use Vitamin D to get rid of warts. They inject it directly into the location of the wart as this provides the shortest treatment period.

Vitamin B

This is also a vitamin that is known to work to cure warts. It is best used in combination with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Vitamin B Capsules - Gelcaps for oral use

You can use both in the form of supplements to bolster your immune system to fight the warts. Alternatively, you can change your diet to include foods that are rich in Vitamin B and Omegas. Examples would be salmon, beans and almonds which contain a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Your best treatment is to have a close look at your diet. If you’re lacking vitamins in your food then add some foods that contain them. Alternatively, use supplements to balance out the deficiencies.

Having a healthy vitamin balance in your body will help to keep warts away or to cure them if you suffer from them. It’s an overall easy fix to keep your body and skin healthy.

If you suffer from warts then try to use the vitamins in forms of gels or liquid to directly apply onto the growth. This process will usually take a while and if you want faster results then check out some of the best over-the-counter wart treatment remedies like Wartrol. They work and get the job done quickly!

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