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Garlic for Warts – Should you try it?

Garlic is one of the more wide-spread home remedies that is used to treat warts. It’s used quite commonly as it does work very quickly and reliably.

There are patients that were successful in removing their warts in a period of only seven days. That’s certainly not the norm but Garlic is indeed a very potent remedy for your warts.

While it is an all-natural treatment, it also does have some disadvantages. Mainly, it’s the smell when you have the garlic on your skin/wart for longer periods of time.

Sliced Garlic for Warts

Warts can grow anywhere on your body. If you find them on the bottom of your feet then they are also referred to as Verrucae (Verruca). Garlic can be used for all kinds of warts. It’s a natural treatment that is easy to get and to use. It can be a good alternative to any of the best OTC wart removers you can get.

How to use Garlic to get rid of Warts?

There’s a few easy steps to take to have the best chances for success when you use garlic on your warts.  Garlic is a potent natural remedy with antiviral properties. When it comes to natural ingredients you will actually have a hard time finding a different treatment that has strong antiviral properties.

Garlic has been used for over 5,000 years to fight fungal and viral infections. It has proven it’s effectiveness for a number of conditions including warts due to its ability to fight viruses and reduce inflammation.

Using garlic to treat your warts is a simple process with only a few easy steps. We outline those below. Before you start, you need to purchase a few items though:

  • A bunch of cloves of garlic
  • Emery board or nail file (disposable)
  • Heavy duty band aids or bandages

The preparation and treatment is very straightforward and easy. Follow these few steps to prepare and treat your wart and repeat them as necessary:

  • Prepare the garlic
    Take a clove of garlic and remove the surrounding shell/skin. Then either slice the garlic clove or mince it. Make sure to not let it dry out. You need to keep the garlic juices so crushing the garlic unfortunately could result in a significant amount of those juices being lost and not available to fight the wart!Alternatively, you can save yourself the work of mincing by simply buying minced garlic or alternatively garlic extract/oil. Both these work pretty much the same as if you use fresh garlic that you prepare yourself. Yet, you save yourself the work of preparing the garlic yourself!
  • Prepare the wart/skin
    This step sounds more work than it actually is. You simply have to clean the area of the wart with some soap and warm water. It can be helpful to soak the wart in warm water for a few minutes before starting the treatment. Dry off the wart and surrounding skin.
  • Application and Treatment
    Take a slice of garlic or a spoonful of crushed garlic and place it on the wart. Make sure that the wart is completely covered and soaked in garlic juice. Gently rub the juice into the wart while making sure that there’s enough juice. You do not want any area of the wart to remain dry. Yet, you also want to make sure that you keep the surrounding skin clean. Remove any excess garlic or garlic juice from the skin around the wart.
    Next you take a band aid or bandage and cover the wart with it. You want to choose a heavy duty band aid to make sure that the garlic juices don’t come out and run all over your skin! It’s best to perform the treatment overnight. This ensures that the garlic has a long period of time every day to penetrate the wart and kill it off! In the morning you remove the band aid and wash off the garlic so you won’t run around smelling like garlic. Otherwise people might think you’re afraid of vampires… 😉
  • Repeat
    Repeat these steps every day until the wart is gone. That can be in as little as 7 days but for most people it will take a few weeks. If you’re not seeing any progress within 4 weeks or so then this natural treatment might not be working for you. In that case it might be best to switch to an over the counter wart treatment with a proven success record like Wartrol.You can speed things up a little by using an emery board to file down the top layer of the wart before treatment. This removes excess skin (mostly dead skin) and makes it easier for the garlic to penetrate.

Use Garlic to Treat Warts

Do Garlic Pills work to remove warts?

Some suggestions state that you could use garlic internally in pill form but that has no proven success at all when it comes to getting rid of your warts. Garlic pills have not shown a significant impact on fighting warts if you use them orally.

The garlic does certainly help to fight the HPV virus in your body but it doesn’t specifically target the wart growth on your skin if you take a pill. So, it might have a small impact due to helping your body fight off the virus but there’s no immediate or short-term success seen when you try to get rid of your warts.


Garlic can be a potent and cheap treatment for your warts. The properties of garlic often work very effectively on getting rid of your warts. However, there is some preparation and commitment required on your side. It’s not a one-time application deal but something you will have to continue for a longer period of time.

One of the best things about it is that you can use garlic on genital warts. It works on all types of warts including genital warts where you usually have a limited amount of treatment options.

Another downside is that garlic does smell. If you can’t stand the smell or for other reasons you can’t afford to smell a little like garlic then this might not be a good treatment option for you. There are many alternative treatment options to get rid of your warts ranging from potent OTC remedies to many natural cures you can use and try. Be aware though that many, if not most, natural treatments do not work for everyone.

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