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Homeopathic Wart Treatments

Is there more than Thuja Occidentalis to treat Warts?

Most often warts are treated with conventional treatments like salicylic acid, TCA, cryotherapy, etc. Yet, there is a gentle alternative by using homeopathic treatments like Thuja Occidentalis to get rid of warts.

The question that is always asked is whether these homeopathic treatments really work. The conventional OTC remedies usually work but will take a while. However, except for surgery to cut the wart out you will have to treat any wart for a while before you get rid of it.

Thuja Occidentalis for Warts

Thuja occidentalis

Warts are usually harmless but very unsightly. Genital warts are considered as sexually transmitted disease. All warts are very infectious and pretty much anybody having them wants to get rid of them ASAP.

If you are very patient then you can also simply do nothing and wait for the warts to disappear on their own. This does usually happen when you have a wart but unfortunately you will wait a long time – you have to be really very patient!

As it does take that long for warts to go away by themselves, people do look for treatments to cure their warts. Homeopathy offers a few viable treatments to get rid of your warts.

A Homeopathic View of Warts

Homeopathy doesn’t concentrate on the visible issue of an infection only. Common treatments most often cure the visible elements of an infection to for example get rid of the wart on your skin.

However, they do most often not attack the underlying issue that caused the wart. The removal of the wart creates the illusion that everything is healed. Yet, the underlying HPV infection is still in the body and is just waiting to grow another wart in another location.

In homeopathy the wart is not just seen as a skin blemish. It is seen as a warning signal that the body is not well. It shows that there is a weakness in the overall health. Removing the wart on the skin does not take care of the underlying problem and so it’s just a matter of time until another wart shows up or other health issues are seen.

Homeopathy tries to repair the underlying issue and heal the body.

Homeopathic Wart Remedies

Many homeopathic treatments all over medicine achieve often good results. Treating warts is no exception. Are the visible treatment results the same as using OTC remedies? Probably not but homeopathy attacks the overall issue that lead to the wart and as such will need more time to get rid of the wart on your skin.

Homeopathy does also require a deep understanding of the patient and their issues. Not every remedy is getting the desired results for anyone simply due to the fact that their bodies and personalities differ. The amount/concentration would also have to be personalized for the patient to achieve the best results.

There are three homeopathic remedies that are the most used to get rid of warts.

Antimonium crudum (Ant-c)​

The best use for this remedy I for very hard warts appearing in groups. Other indications to use Antimonium crudum are that the person might be overly irritable and have a thickly coated white tongue. Lastly, the person might be prone to overeating and have digestive troubles.

Nitricum acidum (Nit-ac)

Best use is for warts that are jagged, rough and large. Often, these warts itch or are painful and they tend to crack and bleed. Typical locations are hands, fingers and face. Additionally, this remedy is useful for genital and anal warts. People that should use nitricum acidum often display anxiety about their health and have fears that they get cancer.

Thuja occidentalis (Thuj)

This remedy is the most often used to treat warts. Thuja occidentalis is often found in natural wart removers. It’s an all-purpose treatment for warts and can be used on any type of warts, be it plantar warts, warts on face, hands, legs as well as venereal (genital) warts. It’s also often used to treat molloscum contagiosum, another common condition that can be confused with warts.

These three are the most often used wart treatments in the homeopathic world. However, there’s a number of other ingredients that are used in homeopathy to get rid of warts. These are used less often and usually only if the other three didn’t succeed.

Calcarea carbonica (Calc) - Useful for solitary warts that are hard and round.

Causticum (Caust) – Used for old warts that are large in size and often found on the face, on the tips of the fingers or under the fingernails.

Dulcamara (Dulc) – Treatment option for flat warts on the back of hands, fingers or face.

Ferrum picricum (Ferr-pic) – Most useful for large groups of small pointed warts.

Graphites (Graph) - Works for periungual warts as well as warts on palms of the hand or soles of the feet.​

Natrum muriaticum (Nat-m) – Often used for warts on the foot soles and on the palms of the hands.

Ruta graveolens (Ruta) – Most common use is for plantar warts as well as warts on the hand palms.

Be aware that you should not treat any warts without having a discussion with your doctor first. It is easy to confuse some kinds of warts with other, sometimes more serious, skin conditions. This is specifically the case for genital warts which can easily be confused.

All warts are contagious and as such you do want to make sure you identify them correctly first. Your doctor will be able to clearly identify the condition.

Success rates of homeopathic remedies are often not as high as with OTC wart removers. If you prefer to use a salicylic acid based wart treatment then find out how to buy Wartrol online.

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