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Getting Rid of Warts with Raw Potatoes

Using Raw Potatoes to Cure Warts Fast

The use or raw potatoes to treat common warts and plantar warts has a long history. There is no scientific proof that this method works at all. However, over many centuries this natural remedy has been used to get rid of warts. And in many cases people have actually treated their warts successfully. So, it might just be worth trying.

Historically, the treatment was to take a slice of the potato and rub it on the wart. After use the potato was buried. The ‘most important’ part of the remedy is to dig up the potato after two weeks and then see that it will have the wart growing on it while the wart on the person is gone. Again, there’s no scientific evidence that the rubbing of the wart helps and even less indication that the burying of the potato has anything to do with the success of this method!

How to use Raw Potatoes on a Wart

Let’s have a closer look on why this treatment might actually work. There are two ways of using the potato.

Rubbing the Potato on the wart

First, you can simply take a slice of potato and rub it against the wart. Doing that three times a day supposedly will help.

Potato to Cure Warts

For this variant you take a potato and cut it in half. Then rub the potato inside against the wart so that the juice is covering the wart.

The juice will stay on the wart until completely dried. Do not wash or wipe it off! Repeat this treatment three times a day for best results.

Covering the Wart with Potato Skin

The second way of using a potato to cure a wart is to take a piece of the skin to cover it. Simply take a piece of potato peel that will cover the wart completely.

Potato Skin to Treat Warts

Place the peel on the wart and then secure it with a band-aid or bandage. Make sure that the inside of the peel is on the wart. Repeat this daily until the wart is gone.

Both these methods will take a few weeks to work (if at all). The potato peel method promises better results as it practically works similar to using duct tape. The wart is not really treated by the potato skin but due to occlusion. This means that the wart is completely covered and no air can get to it. This eventually kills the wart. It’s the same principle as using duct tape or banana peel, etc.

What Types of Warts can be Treated?

This method can be used on nearly all types of warts. You might want to be careful on genital warts but otherwise you can use them on:

- Plantar Warts

- Common Warts

- Facial warts including warts on the eyelids and forehead

- Warts on hands or fingers

There are other natural treatments for warts that promise better results. However, history has shown that the treating of warts with potato can actually work.

How long does it take?

Don’t expect instant or really fast results from these methods. Using occlusion and depriving the wart of air usually takes a few weeks to work. The results are better when you use an emery board to regularly remove the dead top layer of skin from the wart.

Typically, you can see first improvements within two weeks. The period will depend on the size, type and location of the wart. The one thing that is certain is that you will not see instant or quick results.

The benefit of this cure are that there won’t be any scarring and that it is very cheap. Potatoes are easily available and don’t cost a lot of money. There’s also no pain that you can experience with surgical treatments or cryotherapy. The treatment can be performed in private without others even knowing that you suffer from warts!

If you don’t have the patience to wait that long to see first signs of the wart dying off then the best results to get rid of warts reliably and quickly are usually achieved with over-the-counter remedies like Wartrol.

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Dmg says January 9, 2018

This really works. My husband had about 10 large warts on his hands. Doctor burned them off twice, kept coming back. Bought several over the counter wart removers. Didn’t work. I read an article in a magazine about the potatoe. He tried it and all the warts were gone in less than a week.

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