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Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Review – Is it a Scam or does it work?

If you are looking for a treatment for your skin tags then you might have seen the TV advertisements for Tag Away. And, as we all do, you might have started to wonder whether it really works or whether it’s yet another scam you sometimes see on TV.

We all want flawless skin and skin tags do not fit in with that expectation. When you find a skin tag anywhere on your body your first reaction often is to wanting to get rid of it as soon as possible. There are many treatment options available that you can get online or in your pharmacy but it’s hard to know which one is working and which one is a waste of time and money.

Looking at Tag Away which was and is heavily advertised on TV makes you probably wonder if that is the right product to remove your skin tags. Tag Away is basically a mix of herbal ingredients and essential oils. Can it do the trick reliably and fast?

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

What is Tag Away?

Tag Away is a topical cream that is made from natural ingredients that are of homeopathic nature. The claim of fame is that it will remove skin tags without any discomfort or pain.

The topical solution is easy to apply. It dries out the skin tags and they eventually fall off. After it falls off nothing else than healthy skin is left behind.

The medication is designed to safely be used at home. It’s indeed so easy to apply that you don not have to fear that you could do anything wrong.

What is in Tag Away?

The main active ingredient in Tag Away is Thuja Occidentalis. This is a commonly used homeopathic ingredient in treatments for skin growths like warts, moles and skin tags.

The other ingredients in Tag Away are

  • Cedar Leaf Oil
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Tea Tree Oil)
  • Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

Out of these ingredients Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil is better known as Tea Tree Oil. This is also known as a potent remedy for skin issues including warts and skin tags.

The list of ingredients indicates that the solution definitely is capable of removing skin tags. It will take a lot of applications but eventually the different components will kill the skin tag.

How does it work?

Tag Away combines several homeopathic and natural ingredients that are known to combat skin tags and other skin growths. These components work gently to remove such growth.

This also means that it won’t be a quick cure for tags but that you will have to use the remedy for many weeks in order to have success. It will be necessary to apply the solutions once or twice a day for several weeks before the tags are gone. The advantage of using such gentle ingredients is that there’s practically no chance that scars are left behind when the skin tags are gone. The second advantage of such a gentle approach is that there’s no pain or discomfort during the treatment.

What can you expect?

Seeing a product advertised on TV you automatically wonder whether it’s a scam or really can be as good as the infomercial promises. And as with everything, if something sounds too good to be true then it often is. But is that the case with this product also?

The ingredients show that it is a strong enough remedy to treat skin tags successfully. However, there’s one downside. It takes a pretty long time and many applications and if you are not patient enough. You consistently have to apply the remedy on the skin tag for weeks.

Yet, when you apply the solution consistently then you will see results. It’s not as fast and convenient as other treatments that are available but it will typically achieve results.

Tag Away Skin Tag Removal Product


Tag Away offers a number of benefits when you use it. Here’s the pros of using it:

  • No scarring
  • Painless
  • All natural and homeopathic ingredients
  • Easy to use and apply


There certainly are also some cons for Tag Away:

  • Has not worked for everyone
  • Smells not very good

What Side Effects are there?

Tag Away is a homeopathic and natural solution. There is no reason to be concerned about any side effects as there are no harsh chemicals in the product. The ingredients used are also overall very gentle so there should be no side effects that you could experience.

You should certainly check the list of ingredients and if you are allergic to any of them, then don’t use this remedy. Even with sensitive skin you should not expect to have any issues at all with Tag Away!

Where can you buy Tag Away?

You can find Tag Away either online with retailers like Amazon or you can often also find it at your local CVS, Walgreens or Walmart. It can sometimes be confusing though to find the treatment at your local pharmacy as you often do find it in the treatment section where you’d expect it to find. These local stores often have ‘As Seen On TV’ sections and you typically can find Tag Away in that area of the store.

It can typically be more convenient to get this remedy online. It’s only a few clicks with your mouse and you’ll receive the medication in your mailbox. This is a much more private approach as there’s no risk that you’ll run into a neighbor or friend when you buy at your local store!

Click on the button below to find availability and current pricing on Amazon!

What do others have to say?

No matter where you look online, you’ll find the majority of customers using Tag Away being overall happy with their purchase and the results. Most patients have had no problems getting rid of their skin tags with this treatment option.

Yet, there are a few negative reviews you will find. Digging into those you at times can figure out that the remedy had not been applied regularly or that the skin tags simply were rather large and as such Tag Away might have been too gentle of an approach. You might consider other treatment options for larger skin tags. If you go with Tag Away then use it as directed and you will see results!

Final Thoughts

There is no reason to believe that Tag Away might not work to remove your skin tags. It has worked for thousands of others with only a few cases complaining that it doesn’t work.

If you use it as directed and have the patience then Tag Away is one of the safest treatments you can find. It’s gentle and practically has no side effects. This comes with the downside that the treatment period can be rather long!

Besides that it does work without causing pain and there will be no scarring. As it is gentle it also will not have a negative impact on the surrounding skin! You can find alternatives to get rid of your skin tags that can work faster if you don’t want to commit to a treatment period that spans several weeks!

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