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TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device Review

If you suffer from skin tags then you know how annoying these growths can be. Benign or not, they are something that you want to get rid of as soon as somehow possible.

They are neither pretty nor have any other function besides at times to get irritated and infected which then causes a real health threat. Once you have them, they are not that easy to get rid of.

While there are countless remedies to treat them, there are unfortunately not many that work reliably and without side effects. Yes, you can always try to cut or rip them off but who wants to look at the scar for the years to come?

Using chemicals will usually work but there is also the risk that scars or skin blemishes are left behind. The best method by far is the old-fashioned way of tying the skin tag off.

However, this method requires that you tie a string around the stalk of the skin tag. This cuts off the supply of blood and nutrients and the skin tag reliably and without leaving a scar behind will be gone within a few days.

It doesn’t get more natural than that! But, there’s usually a big problem. You need both hands to get wrap and tie the string. Unfortunately, skin tag locations don’t cooperate with that requirement in many cases. Just think of how to use both hands to tie a string around a skin tag under your arm pit? You’d probably get your own show in Las Vegas if you can do it!

TagBand solves that issue. It allows you to expand a rubber band on the cone which is placed over the skin tag. You then roll down the rubber band and it sits around the stalk of the tag similar to the string being tied around it. It’ll take around a week or so and the tag will fall off with no trace left behind. All that with no pain at all.

There are two versions of the TagBand Skin Tag Removal kit. One is sized to work on small to medium sized tags while the other is used for large ones. Click on the links below to check the current prices and availability on Amazon:

The latest addition to this skin tag remover product is the Auto TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device. It works on medium to large size tags and is overall simpler to use. The principle of how it works is the same though.

What exactly is the TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit?

In short, it’s an ingenious product to remove skin tags easily and reliably. The kit consists of a cone, the removal device, rubber bands and swabs. The traditional TagBand kits need two hands even though one is really only needed to keep the device in place.

The newer Auto TagBand is designed to allow for a true one-hand use. The mechanism to push the rubber band over the tag can easily be done with one hand.

The way it works is truly simple. A rubber band is rolled over the cone which is then placed over the skin tag. The rubber band gets rolled off the cone and then cuts off the skin tag from its blood supply. This kind of treatment is also known as ligation. Doctors at times use this method instead of freezing the skin tag off.

It is a good idea to cover the skin tag with a band aid after the using the TagBand device. This will make sure that the tag will be kept free from irritation. Another advantage is that the skin tag will stay within the band aid.

That’s kind of important as the result of using the TagBand device is that the tag will fall off. Nobody wants to have to search for a dead skin tag in the bed if it falls off over night. It’s much cleaner to have it within the band aid and dispose of it cleanly.

How do you use it?

Removing skin tags can’t be any easier than using this device. It takes less than a minute and only a few steps to get yourself on the way of being freed from the pesky growths.

Step 1

Make sure the tag and the surrounding area is clean. The skin tag should not be irritated or infected.

The kit includes swabs that you can use to sterilize the skin around the treatment area.

Step 2

Push a rubber band on the tip of the cone and the roll it down to the wider part of the cone. Guide the removal device over the cone so it sits right on top of the rubber band.

Step 3

Place the cone over the skin tag so that the tag is inside the hollow end of the cone. Use the removal device to push the rubber band over the stalk of the skin tag.

Step 4

Ensure that the rubber band sits tight around the stalk of the tag. Optionally, place a band aid over the skin tag to keep it safe from irritation while it dies off.

How to use the Auto TagBand kit?

The Auto TagBand remover is even easier to use. You place the one over the device and roll the rubber band onto the remover device. Remove the cone and then place the remover device over the skin tag.

Push the button and the rubber band will be pushed around the stalk of the skin tag. Make sure that the rubber band sits tight so that it will cut off the blood supply of the skin tag.

Please take into consideration that the Auto TagBand device is used only on tags that are medium to large sized. You won’t have much success on small ones.

Can you use it on all kinds of skin tags?

Theoretically you can use the TagBand remover on any kind of skin tag. However, when it comes to tags on your face or on the eye lid you might want to be careful.

You will need a certain amount of pressure to be able to reliably place the band around the stalk. You can’t produce that pressure on an eye lid or on other tender or sensitive areas of your body.

Besides that, there’s no reason that you can’t use the TagBand skin tag remover on any other part of your body.

However, if the skin tag you try to remove is infected or irritated then you might want to consider having your dermatologist check out the tag. He or she might suggest different treatment options in those rare cases.

Where can you buy TagBand?

TagBand is at this time only be sold online. You won’t find it at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or Target. Your best choice is to buy the kit online at Amazon.com. Click on the button below to check current availability and pricing as well as customer reviews on the TagBand skin tag remover kit.

​What alternatives do you have?

There certainly are alternatives to using the TagBand device on skin tags. You can have your dermatologist remove the tag but you have to be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on this procedure. Your health insurance won’t cover the cost!

There are also alternative over-the-counter treatments to get rid of skin tags. These include natural remedies like Tea Tree Oil or using apple cider vinegar to treat them as well as conveniently to use treatments for home.

However, there are no other treatments that work as effectively and as easily as the TagBand skin tag removal kit. The only thing you have to consider is that the device matches the size of your skin tag. Besides this, there’s nothing that can really go wrong.


If there’s no reason that you couldn’t use the TagBand Skin Tag removal kit then it is your best option to use. It takes care of your skin tags reliably and without pain. There are no scars left behind and the tag will be gone within a week or so.

The only reason why you couldn’t use the device is that it’s in a place where you can’t put pressure on the surrounding skin. An example is if you had the tag growing on your eye lid. You can’t push down on the lid without risking injury to the eye and in that case you should consider alternative treatments.

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