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Treating Skin Tags on Eyelids

Skin tags can show up anywhere on your body. They can be very embarrassing. Especially, when they occur in places where they are clearly visible like on your eyelids or anywhere else on your face.

Such obvious disfigurements can cause a blow to your self-esteem. As they are close to your eyes, it can also be a scary thought to try to get rid of them. It’s unimaginable to think what would happen if a harsh chemical would spill on your eyelid and then damage your eye permanently! Yet, with the right treatment options and by following the directions to the dot you can safely get rid of skin tags on your eyelids!

Small Skin Tag on Eyelid

Why do skin tags appear on eyelids?

Skin tags are many times found where skin rubs against each other. That would be in the area of your arm pits, on your legs and on your neck. It’s as such not that uncommon for them to show up on or around your eyelids as the skin does rub against each other every time you blink.

In some, more rare occasions you can find them growing on an eyelid or around the eyes. Sometimes these skin tags can actually grow quite large. You do want to address the issue immediately. Otherwise it could happen that they impact your vision which is the last thing you would want.

Your chance of getting skin tags on your eyelids or elsewhere on your body increases with age. That is mostly due to your skin losing some of its firmness and that people as they get older often gain weight. Aside from those factors there are people that are young and thin and constantly get skin tags. In that case there could be a genetic factor that plays a role.

If you are overweight then you might find out that losing weight can reduce the amount of skin tags you suffer from. Losing weight will result in less skin rubbing against each other and at that time you simply will develop less skin tags.

Safe Ways to Remove Skin Tags from the Eyelid

Many people will tell you a bunch of home remedies and old wives tales on how to best treat a skin tag on your eyelid. However, you want to be certain that the approach you take will be safe and lead to success.

You don’t want to use any aggressive chemicals or home remedies near your eyes. Use common sense when looking at any treatment in sensitive areas like your eyes. If somebody suggests for example to use a liquid acidic solution then you might have to wonder what would happen if any of that liquid got into your eye. Not a pleasant thought.

There are some skin tag treatments available though that are safe to use when treating them around the eyes. You find the best three recommended products below that will allow you to treat your tags on eyelids at home.

Best OTC Remedies for Treating Skin Tags on the Eyelids

There are various skin tag removers available. You want to pick the ones that treat them quickly and safely. As you want to treat them yourself you also want methods and products that are easy to use and that you can apply yourself.

If the skin tag shows any signs of irritation or infection or if it sits very close to the eyeball then you want to discuss your options with a dermatologist first. Do not try to treat them yourself if you’re not confident that you can do so without any risk for your eyes or surrounding skin!

TagBand Skin Tag Remover

This solution is our favorite treatment for skin tags. Why? Because TagBand Skin Tag remover works and doesn’t require any chemicals or other substances for the cure.

It simplifies the old method of tying off a tag with a string and allow you to do it practically anywhere on your body with ease. It does not work on the tiniest skin tags but you can pretty much treat any other size easily and without risk for the surrounding skin.

TagBand Skin Tag Remover Kit

The TagBand device places a band around the stalk of the skin tag and basically suffocates it. The band cuts off the supply with blood and nutrients and the tag dies off and within a few days falls off. There’s no risk of scarring and there are no dangers for your health in any other way.

Once the band is placed around the stem of the skin tag you will see that the skin tag starts to change color. It will typically take around a week to 10 days for the tag to fall off.

The treatment is usually safe and it works quickly. As you’re not dealing with any chemicals or liquids there’s also no risk of spilling or accidentally getting the remedy into your eyes or other sensitive areas.

A great advantage is also that you only apply the solution once. It’s not a process that you have to repeat every day. It’s hard to see that there would be a more convenient or safer method to treat a skin tag.

The system also does allow you to securely tie the band around skin tags in places where you otherwise can’t reach with both hands to tie a string around the stalk. You just insert a band into the cone (part of the system) and release it over the skin tag. It’s easy and safe with no chance of damaging anything surrounding the skin tag!

The only time where this system does not work is if the skin tag is tiny. If it’s too small and you couldn’t tie a string or floss around the stalk, then the TagBand system will also not work. In this case have a look at the other two suggested remedies to get rid of the tags on your eyelids.

Tea Tree Oil

This natural remedy works well for skin tags. However, it does require a little patience and continuous application.

In return it nearly always removes the growths without any scarring. It does that gently and with no harsh chemicals damaging your skin.

Tea Tree Oil to remove skin tags

Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree which can be found in Australia. It is also known as melaleuca oil.

Application is easy. You put some of the essential oil onto a q tip. Apply it onto the tag at least twice a day. Take your time applying it so you don’t accidentally get some of the oil into your eye. It can irritate your eye if you get it in by accident but it also is easily washed off.

You will have to bring up the patience to apply it for a duration of several weeks before the tag will die off. If you use the oil consistently during that timeframe then you will usually see success. However, being a natural remedy, there is always a chance that it doesn’t work. However, over time it has overall proven to be a very successful remedy for all kinds of skin issues including skin tags and warts.

Wart Mole Skin Tag Vanish Removal Kit

This OTC treatment works on warts, moles and skin tags. It is gentle, yet very effective and can usually safely be used on skin tags on your eyelids.

The advantage of this removal kit is that you only need to apply it once. It works very well on getting rid of your skin tags but it can cause a burning sensation during the application. That’ll last for a minute or two and is not something you have to be concerned about. In addition, there might also be some redness for a little while but that will go away by itself.

Wart Mole Vanish Kit for skin tags

The area where you applied the cream will soon scab over and the skin tag will die off. You want to make sure that you do not pick on the scab. Otherwise, it could end up in leaving a small scar behind which is certainly not what you want.

What makes this remedy a good one to use around the eyelids is that it is a thick cream. There’s no dripping of liquid that could accidentally end up in your eyes. If you apply it carefully there’s virtually no chance that you might get any into your eye.

Risks of Removing Skin Tags around Your Eyelids

No matter what kind of treatment you choose, you have to be careful when applying it. The vicinity to your eye requires you to be extra careful so you won’t accidentally irritate or harm your eye.

Don’t use any OTC remedy on your eyelid if you do not feel confident that you can safely apply it. While your dermatologist will charge you a lot more money than any OTC treatment costs, it’s still cheaper than hurting your eye!

Comparing Natural and OTC Skin Tag Removers

Just because a treatment claims to be natural doesn’t mean it’s safe to use. It also doesn’t mean it’ll be effective in treating your skin tags. There are many people that have allergic reactions to many of these natural remedies so please do not think that just because it’s natural it’s safe and no harm can be done.

There are for example people that are allergic to Tea Tree Oil. It’s a natural treatment yet if you are allergic it’s the last one you want to use.

Before trying any solutions, whether natural or OTC, make sure that you don’t have any signs of an allergic reaction to it. Apply a tiny amount in an area that is not clearly visible so you can make sure that the remedy will not cause any damage to your eyelids or the surrounding area of your eye.

No matter which solution you will pick, make sure that you don’t get any of it into your eye. The TagBand system certainly will not have a chemical reaction but you could still scratch your cornea if you’re not careful. Should you get any liquid or cream into your eye then follow the instructions on the package on what kind of first aid to perform.

Should you consult your Dermatologist first?

It is always a good idea to discuss skin tags with your dermatologist before applying any natural or OTC remedy. She will often have more insight into issues coming from treatments at home that you should consider before trying to treat skin tags yourself.

It is a good suggestion to have any growth near your eyes checked by your doctor first. Not every bump growing there is a skin tag and you want to have a firm diagnosis before treatment. Your doctor can give you that diagnosis.

After the diagnosis you can decide whether to have treatment through your doctor or at home. Any treatment at your doctor will most likely not be covered by your insurance as it’s a cosmetic procedure. You have to be prepared to spend several hundred dollars to have the skin tags removed by your dermatologist.

Cost of Skin Tag Removal Surgery

Your doctor will usually perform one of the following surgical procedures to remove your skin tags:

  • Laser Treatment – removes the tags with the help of a laser
  • Excision – cutting the tag off with a scalpel
  • Cryosurgery/cryotherapy – freezing the wart off with liquid nitrogen
  • Cauterization – burns off the tag(s) with an electrical knife/scalpel

Your doctor will determine the best type of surgery based on the location and size of the tag(s) and his or her comfort level with the procedure and surgery instrument.

It is always a good idea to have your doctor diagnose your condition so you can be sure that you are dealing with a skin tag vs a mole vs a wart. However, make sure that you know what the cost for removal at your doctor is before you have any treatment performed. Compare that to the cost of any of the OTC/natural remedies we listed above so you know how much more you’d have to spend at your doctor.

Considerations for treating skin tags around the eyelashes

Before starting any treatment to get rid of your skin tags you want to consider a few factors. Get answers on these based on the treatment you’re looking at to make sure that you pick the best available solution to treat the growths on your skin.


A very important consideration to have is whether or not the treatment might leave a scar after getting rid of the growth. Most people do not want to replace one unsightly skin blemish with another. Make sure that whatever treatment you decide on will have the lowest chance for scarring! It should be pretty obvious that any treatment that includes cutting or burning has a chance to leave a scar behind!


Having your dermatologist perform a surgical treatment on your tag(s) will easily cost you several hundred dollars. Your health insurance won’t pay as it is considered a cosmetic (elective) procedure. You’ll be stuck with the bill.


The size of the tag(s) will impact what treatment works best. If the tags are really small then you can’t for example use the TagBand solution as the tag simply won’t fit tight enough to kill off the skin tag.


The location where your skin tags show up will potentially have an impact on what kind of treatment is best. Your doctor certainly will take that into consideration when deciding on what surgery to perform.

Number of Tags

The number of tags also tends to impact the type of treatment. If you for example have many tags next to each other then removing them through surgery will most likely increase the pain you have to endure as well as give you a higher chance that scars are left behind.

Pain Threshold/Tolerance

Everybody has a different tolerance to pain. Surgical treatments will cause some level of discomfort and you want to think about whether you want to suffer or not. If you’re looking at having skin tags removed from kids then opting for a pain-free treatment like the TagBand solution can simply be a better choice.

Treatment duration

The duration of a treatment can make a huge difference on your decision. Surgery is usually performed very fast and has nearly instant results. You will however have to assume that there’s at least one follow-up visit at your doctor’s office after the surgery. Using Tea Tree Oil in comparison will require several weeks of treatment to get the same results but no visits to any doctor office.

Type of application

The last thing you want to consider is the type of application if you choose a method that you can perform yourself at home. Using the TagBand solution for example requires you to perform the treatment one time and then wait for the results. Tea Tree Oil requires you to apply the remedy several times a day for weeks at a time.


The overall best at home treatment simply is using the TagBand. There’s virtually no chance of scarring, you only have to apply it once and then see the results in a short period of time.

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