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Using Wart Bandaids – Do They Work?

How to use Wart Bandages

Some of the available over the counter wart remover brands offer wart band-aids. But what are they? Do they really work? Are there downsides to using them?

Many people that suffer from plantar or common warts are experiencing the convenience of wart bandaids. These bandages contain salicylic acid which is used in many OTC wart removers as the active ingredient for treatment. When you’re looking for an easy-to-use treatment option then have a look at this overview to find out whether this can work for you.

What are Wart Band-Aids?

Wart Bandages are basically band-aids that are pre-treated with salicylic acid. The Band-Aid keeps the acid in place to get rid of the wart.

In most cases not the whole pad of the bandaid is pre-treated with the acid but just a small area which is clearly visible. The acid will start working on your verruca once you position the pre-treated part directly onto your wart.

How are they used and how do they work?

The pre-soaked part of the bandaid sits on top of the wart. The salicylic acid starts to eat away on the wart and eventually kill it. The bandage can stay on your wart for a couple of days while continuously working the acid into it.

The treatment with the bandaids is simple as can be:

  • Clean the skin. Make sure it's dry.
  • Take the bandaid out and remove the protective sheet from the bandage
  • Position and then apply the bandage to the wart​

That’s it. No messy dealing with liquids or gels and no waiting for the liquid to dry on the wart. Just a quick attachment of the bandage on the wart and you’re done. Even if you forget to change the bandaid for a day, the acid will still actively work on your wart to get rid of it.

Are there downsides?

While this method is potentially much cleaner than using a wart remover that comes in liquid or gel form, it also has some disadvantages. The main issue is that you cannot control the size or shape of the pre-treaded area. If the wart is smaller than the area that is pre-treated on the bandage then surrounding skin might get attacked by the salicylic acid. This can result in damaged skin surrounding the wart.

Similar if the wart is really big and the pre-treated area is smaller. In that case the bandage can’t attack the complete wart but only part of it. This might still get rid of the wart but it most likely will take longer.

The positive thing though is that the treatment with the band-aid is much simpler and pretty much hassle-free. The bandage can stay on the wart for a few days and still be effective. Liquid wart removers have to be re-applied once or twice a day to be fully effective.

Benefits of Wart Band-Aids

The main benefit for you is that these bandages are super-convenient to use. The medical benefit is that the active ingredient is continuously applied to the wart and works all the time.

The active ingredient is the same as in many if not most over the counter wart treatments. Even many doctors use and recommend salicylic acid for their patients. The difference in this case is that you can get the wart treatment at stores like CVS or Walgreens or online at Amazon cheaper than your co-payment would be when you visit your doctor.

Which Wart Band-Aids can you get?

There are a few options that you can get. They all use salicylic acid to treat the warts.

Compound W Wart Remover One Step Pads

The Compound W Wart Remover One Step Pads use a 40% salicylic acid concentration to get rid of your warts. This high of a concentration will practically ensure a successful treatment in the shortest period of time. The nice thing is that these band-aids are water proof so you can wear them all day at anything you do including taking a shower.

Compound W Wart Remover One Step Pads

Dr. Scholl’s One Step Clear Strips Wart Remover

The Dr. Scholl’s One Step Clear Strips wart removers also use a 40% salicylic acid. The strips are transparent so they are very discreet when you have to use them. They are designed to be strong and flexible so you can wear them at any activity you perform during the day. The bandaid has cushioning and that protects the skin and builds a buffer towards the wart during treatment.

Dr Scholls Clear Away One Step Wart Remover

You can also find store brands by CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and others.

What is the best choice for you?

The main differences between these different wart removers is not the active ingredient but instead the band-aid part. Both alternatives we highlight above are designed to stick to your skin around the wart without damaging it. They can be worn during any activity, even when you take a shower.

Some of the store brands might not have a bandage part that is that safe to use on your skin. The last thing you want is to have a bandaid damage the skin around your wart.

Either of the two treatments are a great choice if you have common or plantar warts. Are they better than liquid solutions like Wartrol?

Click here to find out more on where you can buy Wartrol!

Not necessarily and not in all cases. But there’s no other alternative that beats wart bandaids when it comes to convenience.

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Allen Kitts says August 30, 2017

I have been using the bandaids for 14 weeks. Skin is white around wart. It is also next to my fingernail. Since I have tried bandaids befrore only to find that wart came back with a vengence,
I have been using wart stik for 8 weeks.Looks like I am going to loose fingernail. What are your recomendations at this point?

    Wartalooza says February 11, 2018

    Allen – If you see a treatment not work and, like in your case you fear that you actually might damage surrounding skin or a fingernail then you definitely need to see your doctor or dermatologist. Not all wart treatment options that are available online or at your local pharmacy work in every situation and a sure sign to stop is when the surrounding skin gets damaged!

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