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Wartabater Review

Removing Warts and Skin Tags Electrically with the Wartabater System

If you are dealing with warts or skin tags and you want to get rid of them then you know that there are a number of different over the counter treatments available. Most of them are either based on an acidic solution (salicylic acid or TCA) or use natural compounds or essential oils like Tea Tree Oil.

However, there is also one wart and skin tag remedy that is electrically removing them. No need to expose your skin to acids, etc. The Wartabater has helped a lot of people to get rid of their skin tags and warts at home.

And rest assured, you won’t run the risk of electrocuting yourself when you zap the warts with the Wartabater Electronic wart removal system. It works with a low level of electricity and only uses a battery to provide the electricity needed.

Wartabater Wart and Skin Tag Remover

How does the Wartabater work?

The system uses an electric current with a high frequency. The system comes with the battery included. One battery lasts for about 50 treatments. The system uses a 12V battery which is available at most drug stores, home improvement stores and supermarkets.

The device forces a low voltage electric signal through the wart. The cell structure of the wart gets disrupted due to the high frequency of the signal. Eventually, this will kill the cells in the wart and the wart or skin tag will die off.

Compared to chemical or natural treatments, the Wartabater works completely free of side-effects. There’s also no pain involved when getting rid of your skin tags or warts. The worst part that people have found is that there’s a tingling sensation when the Wartabater is pressed onto the skin tag or wart.

What Exactly is the Wartabater?

The technology behind the Wartabater is rather simple. The high vibration of the electric current sent into the skin tag or wart will break down the internal cell structure, effectively destroying the cells.

The device consists of a power unit and a want that is shaped like a pen. The wand is pressed against the wart or skin tag and sends the vibrating current into it.

Each treatment lasts three to five minutes which is enough to do its work. In many cases there’s only a single treatment needed to see results. Completely pain and side-effect free!

You simply moisten the wart with water before the treatment. Make sure to dry off any water on the surrounding skin.

Next you switch on the Wartabater and press the probe firmly against the skin tag or wart. Hold it there for three to five minutes. There will be no pain from using the Wartabater but after about a minute you might start to feel some tingling in the affected area of skin.

The wart will break down in the days after the treatment. The dead cells will dissolve and the wart will vanish. New skin will grow and take the place of the wart. Usually, you will not see a scar after treating your wart or skin tag.

Is the Wartabater safe to use?

The Wartabater is safe to use for most people and in most locations. If you have a pacemaker then you can NOT use this system to get rid of warts or skin tags though!

You can also not use the Wartabater to get rid of skin tags or warts around your eyes. The current and frequency could potentially be harmful to your eyes. To be safe, you don’t want to use it anywhere on your face!

When you treat warts you should take precaution to clean the wand with alcohol to kill any of the virus that caused your wart in the first place. Otherwise, you could end up spreading the virus over your body or to other users of the Wartabater! Use a cotton ball and alcohol to clean the probe after you used it on a wart.

Can you use the Wartabater on Genital Warts?

Technically you probably can. The manufacturer claims that you can. However, similar to not using this device on your face, we would also suggest not to use it in your genital area to treat warts.

The skin in this area is very sensitive and you do not want to risk any complications or damage in your genitals. We also suggest that you do discuss any treatment on genital warts with your doctor first to rule out any potential issues.

Is Wartabater Effective?

Wartabater has been available for a few years now. It has proven to be effective in treating warts. Many people use it after they unsuccessfully tried to get rid of their warts with more traditional remedies like Wartrol or Essential Oils for wart removal.

Feedback from users suggests that for many of them Wartabater worked great. As with every wart treatment though, it might work for one but not for all. Keep that in mind before buying a somewhat pricey device to get rid of your warts.

Where can you buy Wartabater?

Wartabater can be purchased through the web site of the manufacturer or on Amazon. Wartabater is not sold at your local drug store like CVS, Walmart or Walgreens.

Sometimes you might end up not finding a lot of stock on Amazon so please check regularly. Click the button below to check the current availability on Amazon.


Wartabater is a good alternative to treat warts. It is an electrical device and as such you cannot use it if you have a pacemaker! Also don’t use it on any warts or skin tags on your face or on genital warts.

The price is not cheap. You will have to pay nearly $100 for the device and you might get the same or even better results with any of the best OTC wart removers. It might make the most sense to try one of those first and only if they don’t yield any success in getting rid of your warts then you might consider Wartabater as an option.

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