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Wartrin Wart Cream Review – Does it Work?

How good does Wartrin Work to Remove Warts?

Wartrin is a wart removal cream which is available online. It contains salicylic acid as the active ingredient. The inactive ingredients are known to help with skin care.

Compared to many other OTC wart removers that use salicylic acid, Wartrin uses a lower concentration of only 5%. While this does result in a gentler approach to killing your warts, it does also mean that it will most likely take longer.

Wartrin Wart Removal Cream

The types of warts you can treat with Wartrin are common and plantar warts. Wartrin is not to be used for genital warts even though the concentration is on the low end and possibly gentle enough. The manufacturer of Wartrin clearly states that it is to be used on plantar and common warts!

How Does Wartrin Work?

Compared to other OTC remedies, Wartrin comes in the form of a cream and not a liquid. This can make it easier to apply and overall a little less messy.

The active ingredient in Wartrin, as already mentioned, is salicylic acid. The concentration is 5% which is very low compared to other OTC wart treatments. The non-active ingredients are mostly to support skin health and provide skin care.

The acid breaks the wart down and eventually it completely dies off. Due to the low concentration, it will take a while before that happens. Other OTC treatments like Wartrol will usually work faster and therefore be cheaper.

Wartrin Ingredients

Wartrin comes with a variety of ingredients. Besides the active ingredient being salicylic acid, it also has a number of components that are used for skin care.

The inactive ingredients can also often be found in skin care products or can be used as wart remedies themselves.

Active Ingredients

Salicylic Acid

You will find salicylic acid as the active ingredient in many wart removers that you can buy. However, pretty much no other treatment uses such a low concentration of the main ingredient.

This unfortunately will result in longer treatment times which in turn will make it more expensive compared to alternative treatments. With warts that are not strongly embedded in the system yet you can probably have the same treatment success as with other remedies. However, if you’re suffering from warts for a while you might be better off looking at more potent treatment options.

There are numerous studies which have shown that salicylic acid works in the destruction of warts. It’s not treating the HPV infection that causes the warts but it is effective in destroying the wart itself.

Salicylic acid is used to treat common and plantar warts. There are some few remedies where it’s also used to attack genital warts. Wartrin does not work for genital warts but it does treat plantar and common warts.

Inactive Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil

You can use Tea Tree Oil by itself to get rid of warts. In Wartrin it is comes to use to support the salicylic acid. It does that through its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It also is slightly acidic which helps to wear down the wart more. In addition it fights the underlying virus to prevent or reduce the risk of future wart growths.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV can be used to cure warts but in this combination it is used to increase blood circulation to provide the skin with more oxygen. This helps your skin recover from the treatment itself while also helping to wear down the wart through its inherent acidity.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is included as it helps maintain and increase skin health. It is often part of other treatments and remedies to improve the health of skin.

How to use Wartrin?

The use of Wartrin is simple. With a few simple steps the warts should disappear and healthy skin should replace them.

Step 1

Apply the wart cream Wartrin directly onto the wart and let it dissolve slowly. Before the application you want to clean and dry the wart area. In addition you can use a pumice stone or a disposable emery board to get rid of the dead skin on top of the wart.

Step 2

After repeated use the wart will eventually turn white. It will then start to shrink in size.

Step 3

Eventually the wart will turn black which indicates that it is dying. It will shrink more in size.

Step 4

The wart will be dead and scab over. Eventually, the wart is completely bone and it is replaced by new and healthy skin.

Using a band-aid for protection is advisable as it protects the treatment area. The treatment duration will vary and depend on the size of the wart, etc. You will have to assume that it will take several weeks or a few months to get rid of your wart.

Where can you buy Wartrin?

You cannot buy Wartrin anywhere else but the official website. It is not available at a local drug store or supermarket so you won’t find it at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or Target. It’s also not available on sites like Amazon.

Ordering is simple through the website. Depending on the size of your order you get rebates in the form of free bottles. Pricing overall is above other remedies you can find to treat your warts.

Wartrin Coupons

There are no known coupons at this time. If coupons are available then you can find them on the official website of Wartrin.

However, if you order more than one bottle then you do get rebates in the form of a price reduction or through receiving free extra bottles. At times you can also find a coupon code on the site for free standard shipping.

Can Wartrin be used to treat Genital or Anal Warts?

Wartrin is designed and formulated to be used on common and plantar warts. It is not to be used on genital or anal warts.

The acid concentration is rather low and people have used it on genital warts even though the official website says to only use it on plantar and common warts. We strongly recommend not to use any wart remover on warts that it’s not designed to treat. Always have genital warts checked on by your doctor and then decide with him or her what OTC remedy to use.

Are there any known side effects?

There are no known serious side effects from Wartrin. As with any medication, that doesn’t mean that there might not be side effects that happen when you use it.

The salicylic acid can in rare cases cause swelling and redness of the treated skin. It can also lead to itching or even a burning sensation. These side effects are usually mild and not dangerous. However, should you experience these side effects or other ones then stop the treatment and talk to your doctor about it.

Should you suffer from any illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure problems or other then consult with your doctor before starting any treatment. Otherwise, if you use Wartrin as directed, you should not experience any adverse effects. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package.

What do others have to say about Wartrin?

Most of the feedback you can find is on the Wartrin website. As you would expect, the feedback on the manufacturers’ website is positive.

Looking at the ingredients there’s no reason to doubt that Wartrin will work. However, it will most likely take longer than with other OTC wart removers that have higher concentrations of the salicylic acid. If you have very sensitive skin then Wartrin might be a good approach due to it not being that potent which will result in a gentler treatment and experience for your skin.


Wartrin is a little different compared to most other OTC wart removers as it comes as a cream and not a liquid or wart bandage. There’s the potential of having less spilling and less chance of making a mess with the liquid.

The ingredients in Wartrin are all known to fight warts and to be healthy for your skin. Our only concern is that the concentration of the salicylic acid is very low. While it should still work, it will take quite some time to penetrate the wart and destroy it.

In our opinion you will get better and faster results with more potent wart remedies like Wartrol which you can buy online also. It’s similar in pricing yet should work faster and as such save you money.


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