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Wartrol vs Compound W

Comparing Compound W and Wartrol – Which is better?

Wartrol and Compound W are two of the most used and most successful wart removers that you can you get over the counter. They both have a proven history and many thousands of people have used these medications successfully to get rid of their warts.

Both Compound W as well as Wartrol use salicylic acid as their active ingredient. In both cases it’s in a 17% concentration which is rather safe to use on the skin.

It does however work hard against the warts themselves. The acid breaks down the cellular structure of the wart and eventually destroys it.

But it’s not just about the main ingredient. There are also inactive ingredients which support the salicylic acid to kill the warts.

Let’s look at the two remedies and find out whether they are completely similar or what differences they offer.

Compound W

Compound W is one of the most used wart removers available. It comes in various different variants including liquid and gel. In addition you can get a number of different wart band-aids from Compound W.

Compound W Fast Acting Liquid Wart Remover

For this comparison we look at the liquid/gel version with 17% salicylic acid as the active ingredient. In addition, it contains the following inactive ingredients:

Inactive Ingredients

Compound W has a number of inactive ingredients that are supposed to increase the potency of the salicylic acid to get rid of the wart. You will find the following non-active ingredients in Compound W.

  • Alcohol – to disinfect
  • ​Camphor – reduce pain and swelling
  • Castor Oil – provides acidic and anti-viral properties
  • Menthol – cools the skin when applied
  • Hypophosphorous acid – works as a stimulant and preservative


Most people using Compound W will successfully get rid of their common and plantar warts. Depending on the wart and person it can take a while to get rid of the warts and it might not be enough to use a single package of Compound W.

If you read that people have no success with Compound W then it would be very likely that they did not follow the directions. Also, not all warts for all people get removed at the same speed. So, at times it will take a while. Depending on the location it also might make more sense to use a different remedy like for example a wart bandaid.


Compound W is reasonably cheap. You have to assume though that you might need more than one package in order to get rid of your warts. That will depend on how many warts you have and how resistant the warts are.


Similar to Compound W, Wartrol has a proven success record when it comes to treating warts. It’s been used by many thousand patients to treat their warts.

Wartrol Bottle

Wartrol only comes in one variant. It’s liquid and comes with a brush applicator to apply the remedy directly onto the wart. It also uses salicylic acid in a 17% concentration. It has several different inactive ingredients though.

Inactive Ingredients

  • Ethyl Alcohol – Kills bacteria, disinfecting
  • Vitamin C – maintains skin health
  • Flexible Collodion – a mix of collodion, camphor and castor oil. Protects the acid treatment and prevents bacteria from being able to penetrate the treatment area.
  • Menthol – coolant on the skin where applied
  • Polysorbate-80 – assists in dissolving the other ingredients


Wartrol has proven to be very successful in treating warts. Many people confuse the current version of Wartrol with the old variant that was purely homeopathic and was supposed to treat genital warts. The current version of Wartrol is not used for genital warts at all. It is to be used against common and plantar warts.

And to treat those kinds of warts it does a really good job. It works successfully in usually reasonably short times. However, similar as with Compound W, the treatment period will depend on the wart itself. It also does depend on consequently following the directions.

Following the directions and with some patience the warts will eventually go away.


Initially more expensive than Compound W. However, you can get multiple packs at once and save through getting bottles for free.


Comparing two of the most successful wart treatments available comes down to some differences in the inactive ingredients. Based on feedback and evaluating the inactive ingredients it seems that both remedies are practically similarly successful.

Wartrol might have somewhat of the edge due to a more varied list of inactive ingredients that all work together to attack the wart. However, in many cases the differences might be negligible.

Wartrol is also initially more expensive than Compound W. However, when you buy several bottles you get up to two bottles for free. Considering that warts often do come back it might make sense to get more than one bottle. Even though chances are, that the warts are gone before you’re through with the first bottle. Due to the potential faster treatment period due to the supporting inactive ingredients you might end up cheaper using Wartrol instead of Compound W.

You can find out how to buy Wartrol online and a detailed review as well as a review of Compound W on this site. We hope it will help you get rid of your warts quickly!

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