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Wartrol vs Somxl

Comparing Somxl and Wartrol – Is one better than the other?

Both Somxl and Wartrol use salicylic acid as their active ingredient to get rid of warts. This acid has been proven numerous times that it successfully treats warts.

The main difference with regards to the active ingredient is that Wartrol uses a higher concentration and as such it’s not formulated to be used for genital warts. Somxl is designed to be gentler and as such can be used on genital warts.

The concentration of salicylic acid in Wartrol is 17% which is used in other OTC wart treatments. All of those are formulated to work for common, plantar and flat warts.

The way salicylic acid works against the wart is that it penetrates and peels off layer by layer. Being an acid that also does result in potential skin irritations around the treated area. This is where a high concentration can damage your skin in sensitive areas like your genitals. As such you want to always ensure that genital warts are treated with approved medications and not with wart treatments that are not formulated to deal with genital or anal warts.

An additional consideration when it comes to genital warts is that you can easily confuse them with other skin diseases like Molloscum Contagiosum. You will definitely get a firm diagnosis from your doctor before starting any treatment.

Both Somxl and Wartrol add different inactive ingredients. These help the salicylic acid to penetrate faster and deeper into the wart and to speed up the overall treatment process as well as increase the chances of success.


Somxl uses two active ingredients to attack your warts. First, there’s salicylic acid that is found in many other wart remedies that you can buy over the counter.

SOMXL Wart Removal Cream

Second, it contains Ozone. The makers of SOMXL add this to the mix as it supposedly stimulates the white blood cells to attack the HPV virus in your body.


The feedback you can find for Somxl is not very good. Most people that used it were quite unhappy. You can check the customer reviews on Amazon to see for yourself.

Based on the main ingredient Somxl should work in many cases but as it is formulated to be gentler in order to be used on genital warts, it simply doesn’t seem to be potent enough to get rid of warts successfully.


Somxl is not the cheapest wart remedy you can find. You can purchase it online in combination with their accelerator cream and it comes out above $30. Based on the feedback available we would think that this would unfortunately end up being wasted money if you try to use it to cure your warts.


Originally, Wartrol was formulated as a homeopathic remedy for genital warts. Today’s product is based on salicylic acid as the main ingredient. It has been used by many patients to get rid of their common, flat and/or plantar warts.

Wartrol is exclusively sold online on the official web site. You can’t get it anywhere else. You have to order Wartrol on the web if you want it.

Wartrol Bottle

To increase the potency and chances for a successful treatment, Wartrol has a number of inactive ingredients that help the salicylic acid to get rid of your warts. These inactive ingredients keep the treatment area clean from bacteria and work to keep the skin itself healthy.

Click here to learn more about the active and inactive ingredients in Wartrol.


Numerous patients have used Wartrol successfully to get rid of their warts. If used as directed, it pretty much always works.

When it comes to treating warts you will have to be patient. They don’t vanish overnight and will require weeks or even months of continuous treatment. You can sometimes find success stories of people that have gotten rid of their warts within two or three weeks but these are honestly the exception.

Wartrol is formulated to work on plantar, common and flat warts. It is not suggested to be used on genital warts even though some people do. It seems very risky to use an acid based product that is not formulated for such use due to the sensitivity of the affected area in case of genital or anal warts.


There are cheaper OTC wart treatments compared to Wartrol. However, they do not have all the supporting inactive ingredients that Wartrol has and as such could end up being more expensive than Wartrol.

Additionally, you can get Wartrol cheaper when you buy a couple of bottles. This will reduce the per-bottle price significantly. You then get a proven treatment, probably the best available, for a price that is around what you’d pay for a cheap, potentially less capable, other wart treatment.


With the exception that Wartrol can’t be used on genital warts, there’s no question that Wartrol is the better treatment for warts compared to SOMXL. The salicylic acid provides the more potent concentration and the inactive ingredients make Wartrol work faster and more reliable.

All feedback that can be found online shows that most people are happy with Wartrol. On the other hand, there’s barely any positive feedback to be found for Somxl.

The only positive for Somxl is that it can work on genital warts. However, with the feedback as it is you’d have to wonder whether it realistically will be able to treat those genital warts at all. In our opinion you can find better treatments.

Wartrol is a proven remedy for warts. Have a look at our in-depth review of Wartrol to learn all there is to know about it.

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