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Wartrol vs Wartamine

Comparing Wartamine and Wartrol – Which is better?

Wartamine uses a mix of natural ingredients to fight warts. Each ingredient in Wartamine is useful as a wart killer by itself. Mixing them all together provides a viable treatment option for warts.

Wartrol’s active ingredient is salicylic acid. This compound is used in many over the counter wart removers. It often is also used by dermatologists to treat warts.

The concentration of salicylic acid in Wartrol is 17%. Most OTC wart removers use a similar concentration which is a balance between being effective and not running the risk of damaging the surrounding skin.

Wartamine uses various natural active ingredients. These are Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin E, Olive Leaf Extract and Garlic. Each one can be used to treat warts and they all have a track record of successfully getting rid of them.

The combination of these natural ingredients should make the potency higher and get rid of warts faster. However, customer feedback on Wartamine is mixed at best. Based on customer experiences it seems that if you want to go the natural way, then using Tea Tree Oil by itself works about as fast as Wartamine.

In most cases none of these natural ingredients beats the potency of salicylic acid. Yet, there’s one exception. It is not recommended to use salicylic acid as a treatment for genital warts if it is concentrated like in Wartrol. You can however use Wartamine as a genital wart cure due to the ingredients being reasonably gentle.

No matter what solution is used, any compound like salicylic acid needs a while to work. The acid kills cells layer by layer until the wart is finally completely gone. One thing to always keep in mind though is that the solution will not differentiate between healthy skin and wart tissue. It’ll work similar on both so you want to be careful to only apply the liquid directly onto the wart.

This is especially true when dealing with genital or anal warts. They are located in very sensitive skin areas and getting for example salicylic acid onto the surrounding skin is a recipe for skin irritation. Wartamine is so gentle that it can be used on genital warts. However, due to it being so gentle you will have to consistently apply the cream onto the wart for an extended period of time. Usually, many weeks.

Let’s have a closer look at each of these two wart fighters.


The active ingredients in Wartamine are all wart remedies by themselves. They are Tea Tree Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin E, Olive Leaf Extract and Garlic.

Bottle of Wartamine wart remover

The combination is working to remove warts yet is overall gentle to the skin. The goal is to get rid of the wart while also helping and fostering to grow new healthy skin. This way no scars or other blemishes are left after the wart is gone.

Wartamine can only be purchased through the official website. It cannot be found at your local drugstore, pharmacy or supermarket.


The feedback on Wartamine is mixed at best. Most people do not give it a favorable rating and as such it is not highly recommended as a treatment for common or plantar warts.

However, it is one of the relatively few remedies that can be used for genital and anal warts. However, Tea Tree Oil by itself is also a potent remedy for those kind of warts and based on the feedback it does work about as fast and successful as the much more expensive Wartamine.

The ingredients indicate that Wartamine should work. However, it will be a lengthy process to get rid of your warts. You will have to be patient and apply the cream without a break until the warts are gone.


Wartamine is somewhat expensive. If you purchase a single bottle you’ll pay around $50 for it. Considering that you might end up needing more than one bottle, you should consider using a salicylic based treatment like Wartrol for common and plantar warts.

For genital warts you might instead use pure Tea Tree Oil which is a lot cheaper than what you’d pay for Wartamine and also gets rid of genital and anal warts.


Wartrol started out as a homeopathic wart remover. The formula was changed a few years ago and since then it uses salicylic acid as the active ingredient.

Wartrol Bottle

Inactive ingredients are added to help with skin healing and protection while the acid does its job. It’s overall a very potent remedy and has provided a lot of customers with successful wart removals.


You can find numerous positive experiences of customers using Wartrol. Most people that do not see any success assume that treating the wart for a few days will do the trick.

Even with a potent remedy like Wartrol you will have to assume that you need to apply it for several weeks before the wart goes away. If you follow the direction then there’s typically no reason to assume that you won’t be successful in getting rid of your plantar or common warts.

Wartrol, like many other OTC remedies using salicylic acid, cannot be used to treat anal or genital warts. It is formulated to maximize success for treating common and plantar warts while being too strong for genital and anal warts.


Wartrol does cost a bit of money. Looking at the fact though that it works pretty fast and reliable, it’s not really more expensive than other treatments you can find.

You usually end up requiring less medication as it works faster than other OTC wart removers. In addition you can order several bottles and get a number of bottles for free. Bottles that have not been opened can be returned within the guarantee period so you won’t risk losing any money.


Both of these wart removers do work. However, Wartrol does it a lot quicker and through that cheaper. Wartamine is formulated pretty gently and as such will require a longer treatment period.

The one advantage of Wartamine is that you can use it on anal and genital warts. However, you can also treat those warts with about the same success (if not better and faster) through using pure Tea Tree Oil.

For all other warts it’s best to use Wartrol. It’s more potent and gets reliably rid of these kinds of warts. Check out our in-depth review of Wartrol as well as Wartamine if you want to get more information.

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