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Wartrol vs Wartrin

​Comparing Wartrol and Wartin - Which is better?

Wartrol and Wartrin use the same active ingredient to get rid of your warts. This compound is salicylic acid yet it is used in very different concentrations in these two treatments.

This is the most common ingredient used to treat warts. You can find it in many over the counter wart treatments as well as in medicine used and prescribed by your doctor.

The concentration used by Wartrol is 17% salicylic acid. Wartrin uses only a 5% concentration. To give you a comparison, most concentrations in effective wart removers are above 15%. In some wart bandages you can even find a 40% concentration.

The 5% in Wartrin are very low but the ingredients marked as inactive are by themselves also commonly used to treat warts. These ingredients are Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E. The combination of the acid with these three potent wart remedies provides sufficient strength in getting rid of warts.

However, the most effective ingredient is salicylic acid and in such low concentrations it will get rid of your warts but it will take a much longer time. The low concentration has advantages though. The treatment is much gentler and as such will not be as harsh on your skin.

Salicylic acid works by destroying the cells of the wart. This happens layer by layer and takes a while. Eventually, all cells that make up the wart will be destroyed and replaced with healthy skin. It certainly does not differentiate between destroying cells of a wart or of healthy skin. As such it is important to only apply it onto the wart itself and not on the surrounding skin. Otherwise, you will end up with skin irritations and destroyed skin in the area around your wart. This irritation gets worse if it happens in sensitive skin and body areas like your genitals.

With a low concentration as it is used in Wartrin you should be able to treat genital or anal warts. Yet, Wartrin is not formulated to do so. It works for common and plantar warts which is the same types of warts that Wartrol targets.

Most OTC wart treatments add inactive ingredients to stimulate skin growth and health. This is mostly there to help the healing process and make sure that the acid attacking healthy skin cells does not do much harm. In other combinations they also help the active ingredient to tackle the wart faster and penetrate deeper. These inactive ingredients speed up the treatment period.


Wartrin uses salicylic acid in a low concentration. The inactive ingredients are all known natural treatments for warts. Tea Tree Oil alone can be used on warts as can Apple Cider Vinegar and Vitamin E.

Wartrin Wart Removal Cream

All these ingredients combined attack the wart and also foster the healing and building of healthy skin. Wartin can only be purchased through the official website and you won’t find it in your local pharmacy or drugstore.


Wartrin feedback that is available is somewhat mixed. It works for some and not so well for others. Looking at the low concentration of the salicylic acid, this is not really a surprise.

Most of the customer reviews are on the manufacturer’s website and surprisingly are good. Looking at other sources it gets a little more mixed.

Yet, based on the ingredients it’s pretty clear that Wartrin will work. It most likely won’t work fast for you. You will need patience and make sure that you continuously apply it as directed.


Wartrin is not cheap. You’ll end up paying around $50 or so for a bottle that supposedly will take care of one to two warts. It can easily happen though that you will end up needing more than one bottle due to the rather low effectiveness. At that time the cost for Wartrin will go up quite a bit to the point that it’s quite expensive to then treat a single wart!


Wartrol has been around for many years. However, the formulation changed a few years ago. Originally, it was a homeopathic treatment for genital warts.

The introduction of salicylic acid changed that and the current medication is based on this acid and is no longer used for genital warts. The concentration is in line with other OTC medications for warts and has proven to successfully treat in thousands of cases.

Wartrol Bottle

The inactive ingredients in Wartrol are a mix that is there to allow the acid to penetrate faster and deeper into the wart tissue as well as promote healthy skin to speed up the healing process. The only location to purchase Wartrol is online through the official website.


There are tons of success stories on Wartrol. It works but you will have to apply it as directed. It will take a few weeks and most people that fail will simply not consistently use it or stop too early.

You can’t use Wartrol to treat genital or anal warts. It can be used on pretty much any other warts as they mostly are either plantar or common warts.


Wartrol is not the cheapest wart remover available. Yet, it is one of the fastest working ones which makes up for the price difference of some cheaper alternatives.

Ordering more than a single bottle of Wartrol will also reduce the price as you will get additional bottles for free. This will help you with the treatment of multiple warts or of recurring warts.

Some people make the mistake of opting for a cheaper alternative that is less potent. The longer treatment duration will eat away at the price difference as you will require more and more of those cheaper remedies until you eventually might even pay more compared to having used Wartrol to begin with.


Looking at both of these salicylic acid based wart removers makes it clear that you have better chances with Wartrol to end your suffering from warts. Wartrin might be better though if you have really sensitive skin.

The lower concentration could end up being gentler to your skin. However, the need to perform the treatment for a much longer time could unfortunately also result in even more damage and irritation to your skin.

Overall Wartrol is the better choice when you need to treat warts. You can view our detailed review of Wartrol as well as of Wartrin for more information.

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